Silence Alexander Lukashenko

None of the Company, at a press conference, the head of state was talkative as ever, spoke about the winnowing and reaping machines, and washed milkmaids, and the fact that jails are decent people, which is not the place disgusting opposition, and the imminent collapse the dollar and the euro. Apparently, just about the Americans and the Europeans would like now Belarusians on their currencies, is suppressed in line for the coveted Belarusian ruble.

Yet behind the waterfall of words emerged the dead silence on matters of interest to the society: that would be a huge foreign debt, when there will be the currency in which the authorities intend to correct the imbalance of foreign trade, when the stop price hikes? These questions Lukashenko directly asked by journalists.

In response — hypnotic passes, everything will be fine, there is no crisis, there is one panic and excitement. Well, even so, and with them what to do?

It will be all right — that's all. A year ago, at least uttered a word about liberalization, now — concrete: the right way, what you need — have long been made, the reforms — the death, the privatization — in any case. No, unless for good money, and under the control of the President, it is possible. But in principle, impossible. Well, something like that.

And besides — I can not just say. It happens that it is impossible, but then why hold a press conference?

Well, even — about $ 10 billion, and loans are not even that soon there will be some kind of a magic cave. May appear, but somehow it does not leave a suspicion that they are — from the same place advertised earlier 15,000,000,000 6,000,000,000 Chinese and Russian. Magical treasures — such a thing, suddenly appear and suddenly disappear.

Public relations in a crisis — a thing in principle is reasonable. In the words Franklin Roosevelt in his inaugural speech in the midst of the Great Depression, the only thing we have to fear — it is our fear.

But these courageous mantras have yet to be combined, and with what economic activities.

At that calculates the power? In fact, that after July 1 to stop the import of foreign cars feverish? She hardly believes that the reason for the collapse of the currency in it.
In that 5000 rubles to the dollar — it really is the equilibrium rate, and over time all settled down? Lukashenko said — that will give Minstat July figures for the first half, and then we will see. So, this is not quite visible.

Reliance on Russian money? But they are, first, much less than expected and it would be, and secondly, from Moscow just say that the appeal of the Belarusian authorities in the Russian media and barriers to Russian exports may reduce some support already.
Calculation for the IMF money? But the issue with them a lot, a lot of political barriers, which is at the press conference said frankly Lukashenko himself.

By process of elimination yet to come to that hope — for privatization. Buy Kerimov "Belaruskali" for $ 30 billion, and a couple of years we can do nothing to think about.

By the way, the Russian Finance Minister Kudrin, who said that the loan has been granted under the obligation to privatize, last week promised to publish a corresponding agreement. Then, perhaps, and we will see what are spells that holy people's property will not sell to anyone, ever.

Or maybe it's easier, and the aspirations of the president — not in the economic sphere? After all, until the people take to the streets, economic problems have enough power for the abstract. Threats against those who would like to repeat the action of the "Stop Petrol" and silent rallies — just an attempt to prevent this people out onto the streets. If it works, what crisis? One panic and excitement, the noise of children who simply do not listen to the wise father.

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