Single crystal announced the launch of a new product

"Single crystal", the market leader in electronic materials for LED and solar industries, has introduced a new chemical additive for cost-effective alkaline texturing of monocrystalline silicon solar cells — eco-Tex (Eco-Tex).

Due to its high solubility and excellent wettability product eco-Tex provides high quality homogeneous texture, regardless of the quality of silicon wafers used.

In comparison with the standard IPA-process Eco-texturing provides the following advantages: 

  • reduction of production costs in texturing silicon wafers up to 25% and above;
  • reducing the average reflectance value by 1% in the range 400 — 1100 nm and a gain efficiency of the solar cell to 0.1%;
  • excellent quality textures without stains, marks and fingerprints cassettes;
  • higher uniformity of the structure with a smaller pyramids (1-3 microns);
  • a high yield due to the reduced time texturing (15-20 min) and a greater number of processes (> 40 processes);
  • excellent compatibility with plates p-and n-type as well as processes passivation;
  • environmentally friendly product because of the low content of organic matter.

Chemical additive eco-Tex under exclusive license of Eso-Tex International will produce "Changzhou single crystal Peavy Technology" (China), a subsidiary of CJSC "single crystal".

"In a highly competitive battle for reducing the cost of solar power we are able to provide customers not only high-performance metallization pastes for solar cells, but also in conjunction with the developers of Eco-Tex high-performance solutions for texturing," — said Andrei Kravchenko, General Director of "Changzhou single crystal Peavy Technology."

CJSC "single crystal" The market leader in sapphire for LEDs and metallization pastes for solar energy. The product portfolio of the company includes large diameter sapphire substrates used for the LED and integrated circuits, as well as pastes for silicon solar cells, including the Lead-Free pasta. The company exports more than 95% of its products in more than 25 countries mira.Eco InternationalKompaniya-Tex specializes in the research and development of innovative materials and technologies for fotovoltaiki.Eco-Tex International considers it necessary to reduce the level of pollution caused by the field of solar energy, photovoltaics and helps to become "truly green" area. The new product developed by and is licensed for the production of single crystals and distributed around the world, is designed to reduce the use of toxic organic chemicals in solar energy and thereby reduce the production costs of solar cells and solar modules. Thanks to the cost-effective production processes, solar energy will actively compete with conventional and other renewable energy sources.

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