Skeldar V-200 has completed flight testing in the United States and Sweden

Skeldar V-200 has completed flight testing in the United States and Sweden
Swedish company Saab has confirmed the successful completion of programs from the United States and held in Sweden unmanned test flight of helicopter type Skeldar V-200.
UAV tested at onshore and offshore and showed the desired operational capabilities. In the example program tests were included completely autonomous flight in daytime and nighttime criteria, during which Skeldar showed ability for tracking the convoy use infrared and electro-optical detectors, implementation of clear landings in automatic mode. In addition, two-stroke engine with 55 hp, capable of operating on diesel fuel, all confirmed their viability.
Unmanned system has been tested for safety in the event of an unexpected loss of communication and control, and confirmed the possibility of autonomous flight in advance closure data coordinates, perform landing and engine shutdown. Preparing for takeoff UAV takes least 15 minutes. The modular design allows the unit to change the equipment for 10-15 minutes.
V-200 is capable of taking on board payload of 40 kg and kept in air for 5 hours at an altitude of 4.5 km at a speed of 130 km / h Radius acts can reach up to 150 km. The apparatus is designed in 3 versions — land, sea and police. How to find spetsy, Skeldar not be competition MQ-8 Fire Scout, but is a candidate UAV ScanEagle. Saab representatives note that Skeldar easier to use and can be rapidly deployed on board the ship. Among the first customers V-200 may prove military agencies of Sweden, the U.S. and Russia.

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