Skrabutan asks minister to admit allocation policy

Member of the Young Front Eugene Skrabutan appeals to the Minister of Education Sergei Maskevitch to recognize his expulsion from the University of politically motivated and reconsider its decision. Skrabutan reinforces the repeated statements of the minister in the media that in Belarus the students do not pay for political reasons.

Skrabatuna dropped out of the University of Grodno Yanka Kupala while Maskevich was the rector of the university.

"I think you remember interest-rector for academic and educational work Badyukova TA the fact that I was not a student GrSU and it can prove almost every department of the Belarusian philology teacher, "- wrote to the Minister of the Young.

On the eve of the 2006 presidential election began in vniversytetse reinforced verify the presence of students in the classroom. Periodically hung out long lists of systematic "shirkers" Occupation Skrabutan name on those lists were not, and warnings from the dean's office for neprysutnasts in class during the semester Eugene had.

The official reason for expulsion is an administrative offense — January 12 2006 youth was arrested police with propaganda calendars with Alexander Milinkevich.

However, the winter session Skrabutan passed on time. "It is very strange and illogical is the fact that charges the student exactly after admission to study in the next semester," — says Eugene Skrabutan in circulation.

Rector's order number 12 dated 17.02.2006 Skrabutan was expelled from the school Philology. On a number of appeals to the university and the Ministry of Education of the illegality of payments has been answered, that Skrabutan expelled for the systematic violation of the house rules, says the press service of the Young Front.



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