Solid female hand …

Ironic, but that women's hands are conducted violence — writes in today's "People's Will" Kalinkina.

Judge Alla Bulash. That it sounded harsh sentences Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, and Protasenya Homichenko. Ironic, but that women's hands are conducted violence. Vinogradov and Kirkevich gave more than Homichenko that really hit the glass in the Government House.

This is seen in all frames. Also, used to sit. That is, a relapse.

Of course, no one for a long time are not surprised that our court is not only blind but also deaf to any arguments. Still, some human reasoning, these women judges are justified. Perhaps the fact that they need to think about their children …

Ales Kirkevich married a week before his arrest. Human rights activists are unanimous in saying that it was not presented any evidence at all. But Alla Bulash hand did not tremble: the sentence — four years.

Bright boy Pavel Vinogradov writes letters to his blonde girlfriend Svetlana, and now she says sadly that will have to play a wedding in the colony … But the judge and on this occasion no emotions sentence — four years.

They had served, they are young. But it's so hard to sit those who have worked all this lawlessness, who is no longer young, and who is waiting for old age in prison. Well, when the children for which they stamped on another's fate, do not turn. But I very much doubt that mean people can grow a decent children.

And in any case, there is God's judgment. So let them not ask "Why?" It is for this.

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