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It would seem that interesting things can tell you about the aliens African shaman? — Turns out, it is not enough …
In an interview that took Rick Martin (Rick Martin) at the famous South African shaman Credo Mutwa (Credo Mutwa), along with a curious historical information Africans Zulu about their contacts with the aliens, are also his personal memories of the abduction experience in youth.
(During an interview with Credo Mutwa was nearly eighty).
Says Credo Mutwa, many African tribes believe that their ancestors came from the sky.
As for the Zulu people in South Africa, they say that many thousands of years ago from the sky descended race of people who were yascheropodobny and could at will change shape.

 Some men Zulu at the time married to the daughters of the creatures as they could take the form of ordinary people.
Of such marriages took place generations of kings and tribal leaders who have mixed blood.
From myself, I note that it is very reminiscent of the origin of the rulers and priests of ancient Sumer as a result of such mixed marriages with the Anunnaki.
Strictly speaking, these legends spread almost all over the globe.
Legends of the beings who came from the sky and able to take on any form, human or animal, are common across Africa.

Credo Mutwa rhetorically asks why more than 500 tribes, which he visited in the last 40 or 50 years, describe such similar things?
According to him, these creatures are hidden deep in the underground caves in which their slaves yavlyayushiesya people — zombies, always support large fires, as they always feel cold.
These creatures are also not able to eat solid food, and instead drink human blood or feed on the energy that is created when the people on the earth are fighting and killing each other in large numbers.
Credo Mutwa also mentions one of the greatest secrets known only to the shaman, and that is based on their ancient knowledge.
According to him, the Earth was once covered by a thick layer of very dense fog. Because of this, people can not directly see the sun in the sky, except for the bright spots.
Moon night, they could only see as a very faint glow.
Then all the time there was slight drizzling rain, and there was never thunderstorms and other weather conditions, that is, the climate was very persistent.
The planet was covered with thick luxurious forests, great jungles, and all the people at that time lived in peace.
They were not speaking and they communicate with each other telepathically.

And here I would like to elaborate on this unusual description of the Earth's atmosphere.
As a strange and fantastic all this may look, it is not unique to this African tribe.
This theory of the Earth's atmosphere in the past suggested that Donald Patten in his book "Biblical flood and ice age» (Donald Patten, "The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch").
He suggests that the Earth was once surrounded by a thick cloud in the same layer as the planet Venus now.
In contrast to the atmosphere of Venus, which is mainly composed of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons with a small amount of water vapor in the atmosphere of Earth in the past consisted mainly of water vapor, a small amount of carbon dioxide and almost no hydrocarbons.
And the end of this earthly atmesfery put events collectively known as "The Flood".
D.Patten believes that plant life was a luxury at that early period, the "greenhouse effect."
It also meant that the temperature was about the same during the day and night, summer and winter.

Because of this, the atmosphere was very little circulation of air masses, and as a consequence — the absence of cyclonic activity, storms and precipitation.
Possible, therefore, suggests J. Patten, early humans in Europe between 60 and 10 thousand years ago, settled in the caves, which will not only protect them from wild animals, but also because of the fires at the entrance to the cave, give them a more favorable climatic conditions.
According to biblical legend, the flood was caused by the rains, which have been going for 40 days.
It should be noted that the number 40 at the time often used the concept of "many, many", and not necessarily in their exact meaning.
How, for example, the Jews wandering in the desert for 40 years, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, etc.
Estimations show that if most of the moisture in this "greenhouse" atmosphere suddenly condenses, the sea level would rise only about 10 meters, which is clearly not enough for the "Flood" …
Here, many researchers believe that this could be caused by a flood of giant tsunami waves due to the rapid shift of the poles of the earth, that is tilting the axis of rotation of the Earth, as well as what some other reasons …
This here is a curious coincidence ancient traditions of African tribes and hypotheses of modern scientists …

But back to the interview with Credo Mutwa.
He says that those newcomers, whom they call "Chitauli» (Chitauli), came to Earth in their horrific ships that flew through the air and had the shape of huge bowls while producing a great noise, and the fire in the sky.
Chitauli told people they forcibly herded together by the hit "Lightning" that they are the great gods of heaven, and that they will get great gifts from them.
They looked like people who had just been very high and with long tails, and the terrible "burning" eyes.
Some of them were two bright yellow eyes, while others have a third round red eyes, being in the middle of the forehead.
(Office staff, it was just a technical device).
Credo Mutwa said that these creatures are then taken away from the people the enormous "power" that were with them before — namely, the ability to communicate telepathically with each other, the ability to move things with just the power of their thought, the ability to see the past and the future, and the possibility of spiritualistic travel to other worlds.
In return, the same people were speaking.
But, as it turned out, it divided the people and led to confusion among them as Chitauli created different languages …

In addition, they first established the reign of kings and chiefs.
Chitauli forced people to work in the mines, and also taught them how to recognize and extract different metals — copper, gold, silver, and create different alloys — such as bronze and brass.
They have removed the sacred, bringing rain mist from the sky, and the first time people were able to see the top stars.
Chitauli also told the people that they were wrong in believing that God lives under the ground — now they have to believe in a God who dwells in heaven.
Next Credo Mutwa said that when he saw the image of Australia's creator-god, who came from the stars, to show him the local shaman, he immediately recognized Chitauli, with his large head and eyes.
He also saw a picture like creatures from the American Indians.
He continues that the famous "gray" aliens are servants Chitauli and adds that the white people are wrong, considering that the "gray" are experimenting with them.
Credo Mutwa also talked about how he was abducted by aliens in his youth, when he was a student of the shaman.
One day, collecting medicinal herbs, he felt suddenly very cold, even on a hot African day.
Glowing blue mist surrounded him, and he suddenly found himself in a strange place, which looked like a tunnel lined with silver-gray metal.
Paralyzed, he could see something similar to the writing on the far end of the tunnel, as well as creatures approaching it.
They were short, as African pygmies, with large heads and very thin arms and legs.

Since Credo Mutwa was not only the shaman, but also an artist and sculptor, he could not help but pay attention to the fact that the structure of these creatures were obviously "wrong."
Their limbs were too long in relation to the size of their bodies, their necks were too thin, and the head was as big as a ripe watermelon.
Their eyes were strange, resembling goggles, had no nose and only small holes in his shoes.
They had a mouth without lips, and looked like he was cut by the blade.
When lying Creed looked up, he saw another creature, which stood over his head and looked at him. It was a little bit above the rest.
From it came a terrible odor reminiscent of rotten eggs or hot sulfur.
His long, thin fingers had more joints than people, with the index finger in the "wrong" place.
Each finger ended black claw, as some African birds.
This essentially tells him to lie still.
Then something was suddenly pulled out of his thigh, and when he looked down, he saw that it was covered in blood.
Those four little creatures were dressed in tight-fitting clothing silver-gray color, and their skin was like the scales of certain fish.
What stood in his head, it seemed to him being feminine, and something different from the others.
At Creed impression that the four creatures feared that higher.

Then came another creature in the kidnapping.
It is strange was going sideways, as if drunk.
This being passed around the table, on which lay the credit, and stood next to the one that stood at its head.
And before you could say anything Credo think it sharply stuck in his right nostril with what appeared to be a small silver pen with a wire on one end.
The pain was horrible and blood splattered all around. Credo choked and tried to scream, but the blood went into his throat.
When it is being pulled out that thing out of his nose, Creed tried to sit up.
However, the higher being, standing at his head, put his hand on his forehead and put him back.
Credo choked and tried to spit out the blood, until he managed to do it, turning his head to the right.
He does not know what made the creature, but the pain is suddenly gone, and its place in his head appeared strange visions.
Credo saw the city in which he had been there, but they looked half ruined, with missing top of the building, as if they were destroyed by the blast.
All these buildings were half submerged in muddy water a reddish color.

Then, as suddenly, one of the creatures, standing at his feet, stuck something in his penis, but this time the pain was not only severe irritation.
After that, out of nowhere, there were two beings, one of which seemed entirely made of metal, it was huge.
This creature was moving like a robot (what it seems, and it was).
It stopped at the feet of Creed, awkwardly bent over and looked at him.
This creature had no mouth, no nose, just two bright glowing eyes that change color.
Because of him came another creature whose form has surprised Creed.
It was very swollen, with pink skin and it looked almost human.
He had bright blue slanted eyes and red hair looked like a kind of nylon fibers.
Cheekbones were high, his mouth looked almost human, with full lips, chin was also sent forward.
It was a naked woman, but with some strange proportions.
Her breasts, thin and directed forward, were too high, not like a normal woman.
Body was powerful, almost fat, but with disproportionately short arms and legs. Her genitals, though looked like, too, was not "on the spot" — more to come.

This creature came to Creed, looked down at him, and before he could say anything to figure perched on him and have sex …
Then all went away and left only a creature, standing at his head.
It shook him by the hair and forced to get up from the table.
The loan was in such a state that he could not stand and fell to his knees, resting his hands on the floor.
However, he noted that the floor was strange. It consisted of moving parts that change color to different shades of purple, red and green colors.
Being pulled back by the hair and forced to stand up.
Then, it roughly pushed Creed him to go with him.
It has led him on one site, where he saw many incredible things.
For example, something like a huge transparent tank vertical height from floor to ceiling, and filled with gray-pink liquid.
And in this liquid randomly floated many tiny aliens, like tadpoles in the pond.
Credo also saw many other strange creatures, as well as sort of the common people.

When he spoke about what he saw and experienced his teacher and fellow villagers, they were not at all surprised.
They said that what happened to Creed happened before with many other people, and he was lucky that he came back alive, because many of the abducted disappeared without a trace …
Credo Mutwa also said in an interview that after experiencing it with some changes.
First. He developed a strange love for humanity. He wanted to pat everyone on the back and say, "Hey, people, wake up! We are not alone, I know we are not alone! "
He also had the feeling that his life no longer belongs to him. Moreover, he had the irresistible urge to move from place to place, to travel.
Start taking care of his future, other people.
Second. He developed the knowledge that he "did not belong."
He had the understanding of the nature of space, time and space have no meaning for him as a human being.
Credo Mutwa, who has no formal education, work began to make rocket engines, weapons of any kind, large robots out of scrap metal, some of them worked.
He does not know where he's run such knowledge …
In addition, after the terrible events, that is his abduction, the visions that started visiting it as a child, before he became a shaman, became even more intense.

The loan is that, after the psychological and physical trauma during the abduction (eg, he had problems with sex throughout his long life …), there was a mutual exchange with strangers, making it appear knowledge, known only to those beings.
And here I would like to say that it is — is typical if not most, for many people, kidnapped by aliens.
Even the aliens allegedly often say here that not only do they take something away from us — the same genetic material, for example, but also give people a lot.
However, they usually avoid details as to what they give in return …
But the experience of kidnap people know that many of them feel a big change after the experience, beginning to change attitudes to others and to life as Credo Mutwa, gain extraordinary knowledge suddenly become healers, etc.
That is, instead of the psychological and physical trauma, if not all, many of the kidnap and really seem to get something in return.
Another thing is that they are absolutely on asking about stealing and giving something in return …

Sometimes it seems that such knowledge is not given intentionally, depending on the personality and interests of the abducted and some purely mechanical means.
For example, why the same shaman all this knowledge of rocket engines, etc. — Is not it better to give them to someone who is engaged and for interior?
And, as if there is any trade based on random "commodity exchange." Or is it just because you think? ..
But back to the Credo Mutwa. He believes that all of the creation is not a stranger in the full sense of the word.
For example, they are sexually compatible with humans.
It is also interesting to comment on the foul smell of the newcomers.
The loan is that he always sticks to the women who became pregnant from aliens, and no perfumes or other tricks do not help get rid of it completely.
Another interesting detail — Credo Mutwa says that these "gray" aliens are edible …
The fact is, as he said that, over the last 50 years, several UFO crashed near the Lesotho mountains named Laribe.
Africans who believe that these creatures are gods, sometimes ritually eat their remains, to join their "power."

Some then die, but those who survive have a very unusual experience.
Credo Mutwa said that when he was given a taste something like a piece of dried meat, he did not believe that it was the "meat" of the aliens.
Within a few days after that he was close to death, but when recovered, it was found that all his senses suddenly become unusually sharpened.
When he drank the water, it seemed to him a sort of unusual wines, the taste of food was amazing, etc.
All his senses were literally unspeakable — as if he had a "heart" relationship with the universe …
It lasted about two months. Credo began to suspect that these extreme feelings, something resembling the action of a strong drug, and is the main reason why afikantsy try the "meat" aliens, despite the huge risk to life …
Credo Mutwa also speaks for many, many centuries before the white man in Africa, his ancestors also met with the aliens of another type, which looked exactly like the white people, be there later.
Those aliens were very high, many people — athletic build, with slightly slanted blue eyes and high cheekbones.
They had golden hair, and they looked exactly like modern Europeans, with one exception — they had a very long and beautiful fingers, "like musicians or artists."

They arrived on the ships, which was shaped like a boomerang Australians.
When one of these ships landed, he created this tornado of dust, accompanied by a very loud noise.
These aliens are always worn with a kind of crystal or glass balls which they playfully threw a hand on his arm.
And when African soldiers were trying to catch those aliens, they threw the balls in the air and then catch them and disappeared after that …
Still, some of the aliens there were caught and held captive in the village chiefs or shamans caves while nearby did not have the balls.
Credo Mutwa said that Africans are known as 24 other types of such creatures.
For example, a type of the American Bigfoot or creature they call Tikoloshe (or Tokoloshe), and which are known to all Africans.
By type of these creatures look like a teddy bear, but with bony growths at the top of the head.
They love to play with children, but sometimes when it hurts them with their claws.
Because of this Tikoloshe Africans in some places raised their beds above the floor about about 1 meter.
It is interesting that in the Pacific, Polynesia, the local people also raised their huts higher — as they said, to protect from Tiki.
Is not it, it's very similar, including the names of these creatures — Tikoloshe and Tiki? ..

Credo Mutwa also spoke about the country, which in ancient times was destroyed by aliens Chitauli.
The rulers of this country under the name Amariri, which was somewhere to the west of Africa, once refused to bring their children to sacrifice these newcomers, as well as to fight on their orders to other countries.
And this country Chitauli burned with fire from heaven, "taken from the Sun."
They also completed the destruction of the country's "red men with long green hair," which was the first great civilization in the world, with earthquakes and tsunamis.
Is not it, a bit like the famous legend of Atlatide? ..
Credo Mutwa believes Chitauli again going to do something like that to the people in the near future.
He also spoke about the fact that when Chitauli, living underground, become sick and lose large chunks svoey skin, their servants kidnap a young girl, a virgin, and lay down her bound and wrapped in a golden blanket, some patients Chitauli.
Her well fed and cared for her for many weeks until Chitauli not start to feel better.
Then the girl is an opportunity to "escape", but it had no real chance to get away — her long chase in the underground metal flying creatures that eventually catch it when it is full of horror and extremely tired.
Then this girl is sacrificed on a special altar, and the patient Chitauli drinks her blood and then recovering.
But again, the girl should be in front of this very, very scared, otherwise it will not help the blood Chitauli …

By the way, according to Credo Mutwa, a habit to drive his victim as practiced by African cannibals, who believed (in my experience …) that if a person is extremely frightened and run through a long distance before his death, his meat will taste better than if it were simply killed …
And this again brings us to the increasingly popular theory that aliens Reptilians are themselves real cannibals …
Credo Mutwa further says that these aliens Chitauli, move very gracefully, like trees gently swaying in the wind.
They are tall, and some of them have horns around the whole head.
The "king" of Chitauli no horns, but they have, starting from the forehead, passed through a dark head crest.
And they use a sharp claw, situated on a small finger to pierce your nose at people in order to drink human brains in one of their rituals.
Skin color are white and it looks like some type of cardboard, with scales like a reptile.
In Chitauli very high foreheads, and they look very smart.
Credo Mutwa believes that people have never known real progress because they always had the strength to not let them take their rightful place in the universe.
These forces — Chitauli, "gray", and certain other aliens.

Incidentally, a similar point of view is shared by some researchers who are engaged in issues related to ufology.
Credo Mutwa says that we should stop to consider them supernatural beings, because they are just parasites who need more from us than we do — from them …
He also mentions that throughout Africa there is ample evidence that once the gigantic human beings walked on this planet at the same time, when there were dinosaurs.
Credo Mutwa talks about surviving in the edge of the next adult length of two meters and a width of one meter.
That's probably all about the most interesting places in the interview Credo Mutwa.
This information is quite interesting, especially if we bear in mind that it is not from one of the professional ufologists, but the African shaman.
Which again suggests that the reality around us looks a lot more complex than we used to think.

Obviously, people are related, most likely, since its origins, with many unusual creatures — aliens from outer space and other dimensions or "frequency", or simply from the depths of our planet …
So in one of the cases described in the file A. Rosales, the witness asked the stranger, how long they came to Earth.
The man answers: "I do not have arrived. We have been here forever, "… [1]
Although everything about the aliens, can be "easier" — all these many "aliens" may be nothing more than a variety of "Avatar" Thou Fomenko [2], however, as, perhaps, we are …

VI Leshchev
Toronto, November 2011

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