SOUTH Korea bought 900 new ballistic missiles

SOUTH Korea bought 900 new ballistic missiles
September 15, Oleg Kir’yanov. 177 billion dollars for 5 years or more than 35 billion dollars a year — particularly as South Korea wants had spent for defense. Corresponding document defining the development of the armed forces of the South, for the period from 2013 to 2017. Already entered the Parliament of South Korea.
According to experts, Seoul attention directed at building its own missile capabilities. Alone missiles will be bought 900 pieces of more than 2-billion dollars.
As the South Korean media said, in the «Medium Term Development Plan of National Defense in 2013-2017 gg.» been budgeted for a total of 199.6 trillion won (about 177 billion dollars). Of their 135.5 trillion won will be spent on maintaining existing weapons and other needs, and 64.1 trillion — the purchase of new weapons. Compared with the same medium-term plan of development for 2012-2016. expenses increased by 13 trillion won. Such plans are often corrections.
As the military experts, South Korea made a bid to build its own missile capabilities that must now become the main answer immediately three threats from North Korea — a missile, nuclear and artillery. Seoul in the coming 5 years wants to buy 900 missiles, what will potrachaeno more than 2-billion dollars. The main instrument of the South Korean rocket will launch ballitisticheskie «Henmi-2A» (Radius acts — 300 km) and «Henmi-2B» (500 km). These missiles in case of conflict should be in the first 24 hours of hostilities incapacitate 70 percent of artillery and missile forces of the DPRK.
In connection with the rate on ground missiles reduced several large projects for upgrading Navy and Air Force in South Korea. By 2017 it is planned to also equip the armed forces of the South half helmets and flak jackets new standard. In connection with the planned end 2015 transition joint military control of U.S. forces on the Korean Peninsula and South Korea from Washington to Seoul Koreans want to force the creation of an infrastructure that will allow them to independently conduct training and maneuvers. As of the 1st part of this applets incorporated into the subsequent year to create special centers where it will be possible to conduct testing of various kinds of fighting in the criteria, it is very close to the fighting.

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