SOUTH KOREA PURCHASE 36 attack helicopters APACHE

SOUTH KOREA PURCHASE 36 attack helicopters APACHE
South Korea graduated from the tender to supply 36 attack helicopters and elected as a supplier company Boeing Helicopter AH-64E Apache Guardian (also known as the AH-64D Apache Block III). On Wednesday, April 17, with reference to the management of military procurement (DAPA) of South Korea reported Agence France-Presse.

The transaction price is estimated at 1.8 trillion won (1.61 billion dollars). Delivery is expected in helicopters from 2016 to 2018. For disk imaging agency «Yonhap» within the scope of the contract also comes service helicopters and crew training.

Tender for the supply of 36 attack helicopters DAPA announced in January 2012. In May became known finalists: Boeing (AH-64D Apache Block III), Bell Helicopter Textron (AH-1Z Viper) and the Italian-Turkish consortium AgustaWestland / TAI (T129). As expected, the results of the tender for South Korea can increment order helicopters up to 50 machines.

AH-64D Apache was first developed 1990s based on AH-64A Apache, who stood up to the U.S. weapons in 1986. Version AH-64D Apache Block III was introduced in the fall of 2012. Helicopter from the base version has a more modern avionics and engines, the ability to control the drones, as composite blades.

AH-64D Apache speeds up to 276 km per hour and can cover up to 476 km. The helicopter is designed for 2-person crew and is armed with 30-millimeter cannon. For fixing guided and unguided missiles Apache resettled by 4 suspension points.

Currently Apache helicopters in various modifications are armed with the U.S., Britain, Israel, the land of the rising sun, Egypt, Greece and other countries. In total, was released about 1,200 such helicopters.

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