Spain: rats, as it turns out, are able to distinguish between languages




Spanish researchers found that rats are able to distinguish between languages. This ability is able to demonstrate on the example of the Dutch and Japanese. The results of the work of scientists presented in an article published by the American "Journal of Experimental Psychology."

In the experiment, different groups of rats were given listen to the recording on the Dutch and Japanese. With the help of bait animals learn to press a lever on a cell when it sounds. Then the rats were unfamiliar to them to listen to the proposal, which was not used during training. The reaction of the rats remained — in other words, they do not just remember a certain set of sounds, but failed to highlight the features of speech.

Rats that during exercise listened Dutch, did not respond to Japanese and vice versa. On the other hand, the experiment demonstrated the limited perceptual language rats, animals respond to the phrases pronounced if unknown voice.

Until now it was thought that the ability to distinguish between languages have only the people, and monkeys tamarins in which experiments were conducted. According to scientists, the rats that ability is incidental and is used differently than in humans.

Battery News, 11.01.2005 10:19
Source: Proceedings of Science

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