Sphinx is older than the Egyptian Pyramids

November 3, 2012 0:11

Egyptian pyramids. Wonder of the World. Great monument of the ancient culture, has come down to us from thousands of years. One would think with them, everything is clear. In all the history books written three pyramids were tombs of the Pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty.

These classic figures are based on the famous document — Westcar Papyrus, which tells us that Pharaoh Khufu decided to build his tomb, which is equal to the ancient world did not know.

It was built twenty thousand slaves, dragging the stone blocks from Aswan. Pharaoh Cheops rules, according to the same historical papyrus, in the 2540-s BC. Hence, the pyramids of about four and a half thousand years. But is this just a story?

Textbooks definitely dated the age of the pyramids in the forty-five centuries, is based on the ancient written sources. But recent research suggests that the pyramids were built much earlier. Age pyramids for at least 10-12 thousand years.

The first doubts about the official version of the American geologist, born John Anthony Wester. Explore the ancient statues, he drew attention to the fact that a stone sphinx body has traces of erosion and weathering. Of course, the stones, aged four and a half thousand years, may not look brand new. However, in order to ancient statues were so characteristic lesions need to for a long time he worked on the water and the sun.

With the sun is clear — in the Sahara it abound. But the water! Water, that is, rainfall, it needs a lot. Tropical storms thousands of years to grind the stone to leave marks that can be seen today. But in the Sahara — arid desert. Only the sun. What is said on this score the official story? History is silent. But the answer to this question is easy to give climatologists.

It turns out that the water in the Sahara was once very much. Hot showers tropichekie literally flooded this fertile land, and the Sahara desert was a flourishing region. True, it was 10-12 thousand years ago.

"B10-second millennium BC, according to paleoclimatology the Sahara was lush vegetation savannah was humid climate and frequent rains, which is why the Sphinx has a distinctive traces of water erosion, which have reached us," — said the famous explorer Graham Hancock.

Thus, everything falls into place, if we assume that the statue and the Sphinx and the pyramids were not built four and a half thousand years ago, as it is written in books, and at least 7-8 thousand years earlier when the Sahara desert was represented a wet tropics. But the extra 7-8 thousand years — this is not a joke! This huge, unreported piece of human history mean that we do not know. What was the old man? How did he live? he knew how? And, most importantly, where disappeared one who created these complex structures?

Because the country the following hot on the body of the Sphinx rain — not the only evidence that the pyramids were built in quite a different time than specified in our textbooks. To test this hypothesis, another group of American scientists decided to create a computer model of the sky, and from it to determine the age of the pyramids. The result of these studies has surpassed all expectations. Indeed, it was found that statue of the Sphinx itself able to specify the exact date of his birth.

Graham Hancock, who personally participated in the study, explains:

"With the help of a computer program, we first determined how it was a starry sky at different times of the earth. Possible. The fact that the axis of the earth to the sun during its movement is constantly shifting. The complete cycle takes 25 thousand 920 years. And this is the point of reference. Then, we have combined the current situation with the given model Sphinx star map. "

There is one catch. Sphinx is oriented strictly to the East. Point on which the Sphinx looks to be moving along the horizon exactly in the twelve zodiacal constellations. In the opposite direction. Nowadays, his eyes left the constellation of Pisces and moved toward Aquarius. Egyptian Sphinx, is known to be the earthly incarnation of the constellation Leo. Could only figure out where in the ancient history of his eyes were turned towards this constellation. The result obtained by American researchers, was a sensation.

Aligning the position of the statue with a computer model of the sky, Hancock found that the Sphinx was sent to look at the vernal equinox, the constellation of Leo 10 thousand 500 years before Christ. Thus, it appears that the age of statues, Egyptian pyramids sostvlyaet 12 and a half thousand years.

What a coincidence! It is this age — 12,000 years and pointed American geologists who examined the stone body of the ancient giant. It would seem, why not fix the official historians long mistake and did not recognize — yes! Egyptian pyramids to 7000 years older. For us living today, the difference is not very principled. However, the issue is more complicated than it seems. Indeed, in this case it is necessary to recognize that the whole story is false.

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