Stallion of the U.S. skillfully wielding a brush, creating masterpieces

November 13, 2012 0:19

Stallion of the U.S. skillfully wielding a brush, creating masterpieces

If you think that making art — especially the prerogative of man, you are deeply mistaken. Can create masterpieces and animal.

For example, a thoroughbred stallion named Justin has recently attracted the attention of the American public, because it has the rare talent to keep the brush in his mouth and skillfully use it to draw a picture. This ability of the animal to appreciate artists and collectors of art works. Collectors of rare paintings already offer for "horse" masterpieces fabulous sums of money.

For the most successful paintings some wealthy art lovers spread to $ 2,500. Pictures really hit their uniqueness and originality. Such talent can envy even the most advanced artist. Animal hod true picture, close to the masterpieces.

Specialists note that the talented animal draws closer in style to Impressionism Jackson Pollock (Jackson Pollock). However, if the horse will continue to improve their technique, it is likely he will ever reach the level of Picasso or even outshine it. Of course, since they joke specialists. But their words of truth.

Mistress of bay horse, also a creative nature Adon Comes, drew attention to the artistic talents of Justin two years ago. Several times saying that in his spare time over a live horse racing stallion secretly takes teeth whip to them to draw in the sand. In one of those moments horse owner came up with an interesting idea: she attached a whip ordinary brush to paint large and offered horse to try herself as an artist.

On this canvas animal depicted shocking picture. Adon happily state the fact that the first pancake is not lumpy. The experiment was successful, and then a 9-year-old horse creative career abstractionist painter began to develop. Every day advances "artist" became more and more apparent.

To contribute to the further development of talent animal, its owner to do things good buy paints and brushes, organized a special program for him to study painting. Thus, Adon accustomed to perfect your pet.

A few weeks ago in the U.S. city of Columbus was the first exhibition of the works of Justin. It was the debut, and it is recognized mistress wonder horse, quite successful debut. The exhibition presented a colorful work of skillful artiodactyls. Art critics highlighted the picture in red and green colors.

As suggested by most of the visitors who come to the exhibition, the work is very much reminded equine portrait. Guests of the exhibition with interest looked at the picture, and finally paid attention to the person responsible for the event. Justin wished the further development and success, people left the show and share vivid impressions of this unusual event.

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