State control has begun testing work discipline

The State Control Committee of the Gomel region, together with the management of the Department of Financial Investigations conducted monitoring of the directive of the President № 1 "On measures to strengthen public security and discipline" in the 94's public social institutions, enterprises and organizations.

May 6 at a meeting to investigate the terrorist attack in Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko demanded to strengthen discipline in the workforce of the country. "We have the experience of Soviet times Andropov. Like it or not, but about how we should force everyone to work" — said head of state. "We already had another negative trend — to work with the" prahalodtsay, "half-time. Give half of that to give, and we want to live well. It does not happen. Please, make all the work" — Lukashenko demanded.

As theand SCC in the Gomel region, at the time of the monitoring of eight organizations to jobsoh no 11 employees, four workers were late to work.

For example, in Vetka town house culture absent from jobss five employees, one employee was at work in Dobrush district House of Culture in JSC "Plant Zhlobinsky consumer services" three workers were missing.

In Dobrush District Centre for Hygiene and Epidemiology, at "Vipra" (Gomel) and Vetka combine public service inspection of SCC recorded late for work of employees at 8-28 minutes without good reason.

Moreover, violation of the conditions of work identified in five of the 17 test points for glass.

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