Statkevich called from prison to his father, for I do not worry!

Nikolai Statkevich allowed to call his father in prison Shklovskaya Baranovichi. Andrei Sannikov be directed to Novapolatsk colony if an appeal of former presidential candidate does not satisfy. Darya Korsak investigators questioned the military prosecutor's office regarding torture in KGB jail her husband, Alexander Otroshchenkov.

June 15 at the apartment Father Nikolai Statkevich Victor Statkevich, who lives in Baranovichi, the phone rang. It turned out the son, Nikolai Statkevich — Shklovskaya of the colony. Law wife of ex-presidential candidate Marina Adamovich said, "Freedom":

Marina Adamovich

"Nicholas called his father, it was allowed to call the colony, in fact, this is the first time he was able to call. Briefly He said that he's all right in the end can breathe fresh air, look at the sky, to be on the street. Thus , In this sense, asking him not to worry. Will ring once every 2 weeks if the permit. "

According to information from the Shklou colony where Statkievich placed at least 2 weeks, he will still be in quarantine. Only then we will know about the force, which distributed the prisoner, and that gave him some work. Recall also Shklovskaya colony were members Squares Klaskouski Alexander and Dmitry Novik.

Andrei Sannikov's mother received a negative response to his statement that her son sent to serve his sentence not in Novopolotsk, and in any other colony. Alla Sannikov addressed to the Department of Corrections Internal Affairs with a request after, she learned about a very bad environmental situation in the colony number 10 in Novopolotsk. Another news that upset Sannikov's mother — that denied access to him is his wife, Irina Khalip. When will the examination of the appeal against the sentence is unknown, although Andrew is already familiar with the report said Alla Sannikov:

Alla Sannikov

"There's also familiar with this protocol have guys who were tried with him. Because the revocation is not appointed."

From Darya Korsak, the wife of former press secretary Alexander Sannikov Otroshchenkov, it became known that "Volodarka" Sannikov met with investigators from the military prosecutor's office, which verify the complaints of prisoners at the KGB prison torture. June 14 such questioning took place with the participation of a lawyer and Darya Korsak. According to her, on June 16 this topic in Vitebsk colonies should interrogate and Alexander Otroshchenkov. The fact that in the KGB detention center for specific indications provided illegal physical and psychological pressure, declared the ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich and Nyaklyayeu concluded Atroschankau Alexander and others. It is known that the military prosecutor's office for nearly a month are checking these statements.

In the colony, "Wolf burrow" under Ivatzevichi to see my son went to Marina Lobova. Mother of the political prisoner Eduard Lobau hopes to meet with him to review his appeal, scheduled for June 17. An activist of the "Young Front" Eduard Lobau was sentenced to 4 years for allegedly beating passers-by in Minsk on the day before the presidential election. Edward says provocation special services.

Also keep in Ivatsevichy colony activist "Tell the Truth" Pavel Vinogradov, sentenced to 4 years for the area. With Vinogradov also suggest to meet his relatives.

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