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When spring begins to bloom lilac, father necessarily bring us luxury bouquet of lilacs in different colors. From childhood he loves these sweet-scented flowers. In the summer we often buy for small bunches of bright blue cornflowers. He likes these typically Belarusian flowers, besides, he likes to exchange a few words with the old ladies who sell them. He generally likes to chat with the elderly, especially with the villagers.

My father was born and grew up in the village Lyadno Slutsky area, so he knows how to live and work in rural people. He likes to listen to the noise field sown with rye, what is the sound of birch and linden trees in the wind. He loves the rural food typical of Belarusian products: cabbage, beets, potatoes, bacon, sour milk. When we were little, my father loved us mushroom, which is well versed, fish or just travel. Father knows Belarus, toured all corners of the country, almost everyone knows the history of the town, proud of the Belarusian language, culture and people.

After the end of the village school his father went to the engineer in MVIZRU in Minsk — now it's Military Academy. He wanted to be a defender of his country, wanted to be an officer, read the officer's honor. During the years of training he used to work out every day, still runs several miles each day and makes the exercise. At the end of his MVIZRU distributed in the Murmansk region, so the two years we lived with his parents in the Arctic Circle. There, his father was engaged in science, wrote his thesis in the field of defense.

At our house a lot of books on his specialty, written by the father of a pseudonym. The fact that it is his book, I learned as an adult, when asked why we have so many books by the same author, and he just said that it is his book. He never made a big fuss about their academic achievements, despite the fact that he wrote more than 60 scientific papers, was awarded as the best officer of the air defense of the North-European part of the USSR and had a medal. He predicted an excellent scientific and military career.

If in the early 80's, we went back to Minsk, the couple lived four years in a 9-meter room in a dormitory, then got another room. Just when I was eleven, we finally got the apartment, it was a great holiday.

The protest of entrepreneurs in Minsk, January 21, 2008, Nikolai Statkevich and Sergey Skrabets

In Minsk, the father gradually became more and more involved in public life. He developed the concept of the Belarusian army, which was implemented after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1991, his father resigned from the Communist Party, opposed the coup, the military created the Belarusian Association (BZV). In 1992, he organized many thousands of officers sworn allegiance to Belarus, which has forced the government to swear in Belarus, all the officers of power structures. This was an important step towards an independent army, because as long Belarusian officers were under oath defunct USSR.

Statkevich in court. May 2008

The idea of uniting the opposition had already been one of the main principles of his political life. Back in 1992 my father made by the authorities and the opposition signed a joint agreement Crisis in defense of independence. My father has always sought and will seek to unite the opposition in order to achieve common goals, to prevent differences. Just so the authorities are afraid of so much that is it — then, even in those "wild 90s", he has managed to unite all for the sake of the country's independence. That is, it can happen again, despite more and more bessumlennyh "misdirected Kazatchkov", which then swarmed and now teems with opposition politician. Therefore, the authorities always prevented him from going to the polls, put pressure on the members of his team. After all, he, unlike many demagogues really aims to unite and can do it.

In 1993, while in his 36 years is a lieutenant colonel, his father had to defend his doctoral dissertation, but a month before the planned defense was fired. The reason — he spoke out against the fact that Belarus has sent its soldiers to foreign wars. Despite the layoff, he was able to ensure that Parliament refused to send our soldiers in "hot spots", which was then very much.

Those soldiers who saved the life of it, should now be 35-37 years. Or are they to remember or their parents, these children could leave their lives or become disabled at any Afghan or Tajik border, protecting the interests of another country? Their mother would have the same fate as the mother of the "Afghans" who have returned crippled with another war? I often think that perhaps some of those guys that my father was saved lives, now serving in law enforcement agencies, manages the interrogation. This age, and one was "so-called officer" who interrogated my father, regularly beating his legs below the knee. Indeed nyavyznanyya thy ways, O Lord.

My father did not hesitate to ruin his excellent scientific and military career because he could not go against his conscience. Because he attaches great importance to what is said — the responsibility for the lives and dignity of the other officer. And I know that he has never regretted it and never said you would need to behave differently.

Power shift father seeks to achieve through peaceful means. He does not recognize the violence, always standing up for people to help. After elected in 1994, President Lukashenko began illegally to redraw the constitution and eliminate the opposition, my father did not hesitate to join the opposition movement and was elected chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gromada).

Since then he has led for more than 30 many thousands of peaceful demonstrations for independence in Belarus, which had about 30 administrative arrests. On the eve of the presidential elections of 2001 and 2006 against him criminal proceedings to prevent his participation in the elections as a presidential candidate. In 2005, he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. After the "chemistry" he continued political activities, despite the fact that the authorities were doing everything to remove him from the political arena.

Rejection of all violence — an important principle, which my father kept in political life. The more absurd accusation that he is now exposed. He never called and no one was a riot or whipping some windows. On the contrary, he demanded negotiations with the authorities. This is very clearly seen in the video with a square-2010, where it requires the authorities to come to negotiate. The video is also perfectly clear that the demonstration was peaceful — despite the tens of thousands of participants, were not damaged any cars, shop windows, while some hired bessumlennyh animals broke several windows in front of the cameras at the Government House, the authorities had reason to once again brutally to disperse protesters . Sorry for the young guys who were led to the provocation.

December 19, 2010. Area

The authorities are afraid of my father, so it is absurd accusation put forward, so for months chopped off all contact with the outside world. The authorities are afraid that in December, despite 16 years of propaganda, despite the fear and the cold, took to the streets tens of thousands of people to show that they want freedom, they want to live in the center of Europe&
#39;s 21st century, not in the Soviet Union of Stalin times. The authorities are afraid of my father and what he can really unite the opposition, can become the head of the demonstration, can achieve regime change.

I hope that Judge Lyudmila Grachev, who will judge the father will be judged fairly and legally. I know that the Belarusian judges undergo a lot of pressure, but I know that, however, there are honest people who are in a difficult situation, do not forget what conscience and dignity. How will never forget my father.

IPad for Catherine, the daughter of Nikolai Statkevich




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