Steelmakers automobile body sheet stretched abroad

Russian steelmakers are beginning to export automobile body sheet, which has so far delivered only to the domestic market.


Magnitogorsk Iron &Steel Works has agreed to supply to Volkswagen, Huindai-Kia and Renault-Nissan. Automobile body sheet — high-tech products, is still in Russian metallurgy companies it was not high enough quality to foreign automakers. But with the introduction of new facilities is changing, in addition, the domestic market for metallurgical becomes cramped, despite the increase in car production.

As the "Y", Magnitogorsk Iron &Steel Works (MMK) has accepted delivery of Victor Rashnikova autosheet more Volkswagen and Hyundai-Kia, in the summer of acceptance has been received from the Renault-Nissan. The representative of the CMI has confirmed that the company received from the automakers' engineering approval "to supply metal to the new" Stan 2000 "(launched in July and is designed to produce 2 million tonnes per year). "Now we can begin industrial supplies", — explained at the mill. Start date of delivery and the exact amounts are still under discussion.

The Russian division of CMI automakers will supply automobile body sheet "in the near future." Stamping their own production in Russia of three clients, called CMI now has only Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg. Stamping for the company produces Volkswagen SP Spanish Gestamp and "Severstal", which was launched in Kaluga in 2010. The plant can produce up to 13 million stamped parts a year, the investment in the project amounted to € 89 million for the metal stamping supplies ArcelorMittal. In the factories of Renault and Nissan in Moscow and St. Petersburg's own punching not. "Rent CMI complies with Renault-Nissan, its purchase by Russian suppliers alliance that produce stampings and then deliver them to the plant," — explained in the Renault.

Just make three Russian automobile body sheet metal companies. This MMK, Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK) and "Severstal". Export trade autosheet American company "Severstal» Columbus and a member of the NLMK Steel Invest and Finance. But with none of the domestic capacity of metallurgists sheet is not exported, although foreign auto assembly plant in the country, they deliver it. In particular, the Moscow Renault plant for the production of body Logan and Sandero models since the beginning of the year was the purchase sheet at "Severstal". In 2012, Renault plans to put about 50 tons of automotive steel (from January to July this year, put about 20 tons). Also list of the company comes to the Russian plant Hyundai. But mostly, even for Russian companies have purchased foreign automakers still automobile body sheet mainly from foreign steelmakers because of inconsistencies in quality of Russian products, explains Boris Krasnozhenov of "Renaissance Capital".

In the future, they will have to go to the Russian steel products because of the new industrial assembly rules. They entered into force in February. According to him foreign manufacturers have reduced fees (0-5%), including if the isolation level after six years is 55% for new plants, and 60% — for existing (under the old rules — 25 thousand cars, localization — 30% ).

But even if all the assembly plants in Russia will go to the domestic automobile body sheet, excess domestic supply can not be avoided, so the CMI and forced to seek access to foreign markets, according to the source "b" in one of the steel companies. Aggregate consumption in the Russian automotive steel (including imports) is about 2 million tons, says Alexander Agibalov of AG Capital. In this case, the production capacity only Russian steelmakers are designed for more than 3.2 million tons. Buyers interested in the export of CMI could cost as well as high quality sheet, the production of which was made possible after the 'Mill 2000 ".

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