Stolen a few engines of F-16 fighter jets from the air base in central Israel

Stole several engine F-16 fighters from the air base in central Israel
Turbofans General Electric F110-GE-400

Thieves have stolen a few fighter engines F-16 from an air base in the center of Israel, reports now English Chinese online edition Global Times, citing local media. The investigation provided that the thieves could help staff representatives framework also assumes that offenders are able to operate without the help of others. How many engines the cost of millions of dollars each were removed from the base area, is unclear.

The military police did not rule out that the role of theft can take people out of the number of illegal weapons sales or related to terrorism. The official dealer of Defense Israel refused to give comments.

In June last year from eight turbojet fighter aircraft F-15 and F-16 were stolen from the Ramat David air base in the north of the country. Later, police found the engines in stock, applicable scrap metal dealers. Military bureaucrats describe the level of breaches of security at military installations as "scandalous." In the past year, scrap metal merchants stole military equipment and other military sites in the country.

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