Stories about the accident and the appearance of the moon

April 19, 2012 7:55

Redeveloped based on the ancient Indian epics and legends of the Maya, Nahua, Aztec, Inca, Aymara, Hopi and other peoples of North, Central and South American disaster in the Early and Middle Miocene (17 million years ago), accompanied by the appearance of the moon, sway and "rollover "Earth's axis, alternately rising equal to the brightness of the sun and moon in different parts of the horizon, a complete reshaping the contours of the oceans and continents, glaciation, a flood, a period of darkness and cold, suggest that such a grand-scale event was to be reflected in the legends and myths of other peoples, whose lineage goes back to as far away from us time.
Indeed, the memory of the disaster of this scale remained far beyond the scope of the regions. Living in Tierra del Fuego Indians pehuenche claim that during the flood, "The sun and the moon fell from the sky, and the world was without light," and the ancient Chinese — that "the earth split apart from its bowels gushed water and flooded the ground … and the very land began to lose its shape …. from the north sky began to sink slowly … there was an eclipse of the sun … the world changed their movement. Stars began to float away from the sky and disappear into the gaping void. "

In another Chinese myth says that during the great catastrophe of the earth is tilted and sank into the sea coast of China. It also notes that the flood waters rushed to the southeast.
Kurnai, native Australian tribe living at Lake Tyers in Victoria, report that preceded the rise of the great flood areas and severe drought, which resulted in no one could find a single drop of water to drink. Then began a terrible flood, and water covered the whole earth.

In another Australian myth says that in very ancient times, when people lived in tribes, came to the land of the great shaking and big water, strong wind blew, went smoke and dust flew from the mountains. This went on for many days and many nights. And then there was silence, and the air was gone. It became difficult to breathe and many people died. Then again, blew the wind, thunder, the earth shook and land again rolled great waves of water. Once the water is gone, the site of the mountains are valleys, plains in place — the mountains. Sun also began to do the opposite: in the past it has come and gone from the north to the south, and after the great shaking and high water began to come and go from the east to the west.

In an Australian myth says that a long time ago the earth was covered by the sea. Then the sea water began to recede slowly and in different places of the island appeared. Time passed, and on the islands grew grass and trees, and then began to crawl out of the sea and the animals to get used to life on land. Then there were the people.

On an island settled two sisters — and Kurramara Nakari. Once Nakari caught fish unprecedented unprecedented magnitude. The fish was a pale, round and flat. For this sister named her the moon-fish. It was so heavy that Nakari Kurramara and barely pulled it out of the water. They went in search of spices to cook the fish and left it in the grass. When they returned, the moon-fish on the ground was not. She sat on top of a tall tree. Then leaped into the sky and floated through the heavens large flat ball light, illuminating everything in heaven and on earth.
Maori, New Zealand, the claim that the earth after the flood in many places torn apart and was vyvorochena inside out.

Paumari tribes, and abederi kataushi living Purus River (right tributary of the Amazon) in Brazil, they say that once people heard the subterranean noise and muffled thunder. The sun and the moon began to take the red, then blue, then yellow, wild animals became fearless approach people. A month later, thunder rumbled again, a thick mist rose from the ground to the sky and the earth and the light of day as it never happened. Some people found themselves not know where others died mysteriously, for unimaginable chaos reigned everywhere. The water rose to the tops of the highest trees. Escaping them people died of cold and hunger, because all the time did not stop the darkness and rain.
According to legend kaingang Indians living in the south of Brazil, the people of the three tribes — kaingang, kayurukr and cameo — floated in the flood water to uncovered tops of the highest mountains with torches in their teeth.

Arkadiytsy, residents of the Mediterranean, according to the flood hit their ancient Earth before the Moon became a satellite. That is why their ancient ancestors were called by the Greeks praselenitami (ie those that have been to the moon.)
According to the story of one missionary, presented in the book DD Frazer's "Folklore in the Old Testament," the inhabitants of the lower reaches of the traditions of the Congo (Equatorial Africa) narrates that "The sun and moon met once, and Sun Moon engulfed in mud and thus somewhat overshadowed by its light, and for this reason some of the moon from time to time is in the shade. During this meeting, there was a flood on the earth. Primitive people have sticks, which they eat Kaga, and appoint them for bottom, pervratilis in monkeys. The current generation of men were created anew. According to another version, the men upon the occurrence of Work up a sweat turned into monkeys, and women — in lizards. "

In the South American Indians maue legend says that when the world was young, the night was not quite the Indians never slept because at night captured the poisonous snake surukuku and all its relatives: zhararaka snake, spider, scorpion and centipedes. There is no one able to barter Uanyamu night a snake surukuku to poison, and he took it home in a basket. On the road companions begged him okryt basket. When he did, it flew out of the night and there was total darkness. Frightened her, people ran, in all directions.
Uanyam also shouted: "Where is the moon, who swallowed it?". At this time he was surrounded by snakes, scorpions and centipedes and snake zhararaka fatally stung him.

The above stories about the "reshape" the surface of the Earth catastrophe, no moon in the sky, or, on the contrary, it appears in the sky do not exhaust the variety of myths of this type. But they are sufficient to suggest that the associated separation of the Moon from the Earth disaster reflected in the legends and myths of many people living on Earth. Of course, not all cases can be argued that it is in the stories described the catastrophe, as they were about one and the same scenario (earthquake, flood, volcanic eruptions, dust, darkness, cold). But some legends almost certainly indicate timing of events described in them with similar episodes of the ancient Indian epics and legends of the Maya, Nahua, Aztec, Inca, Chibcha, etc. These are, first of all, are Chinese legends and myths of Australian Aboriginal and lower reaches of the Congo, as well as legends arkadiytsev.

Of great interest is standing somewhat apart from other Indian legends legend maue. Its origins are lost in the mists of time (time before the separation of the Moon from the Earth) in which was located in the north of the continent of Hyperborea, and its supports can be got over there in the Americas' white gods. " According to the story so to speak that long ago there was the world into the light and dark areas. In the north, in the area of eternal day, lived "white gods", and in the south, where the day is often alternated with the night, the snake-people lived and intelligent insects. After moving to the U.S. mainland, the people of Hyperborea first learned what a night.

This story can be interpreted differently. In those days, when the Earth rotates on its axis at a speed equal to the speed of rotation around the sun, one half of it was the eternal day, and on the other — the eternal night. But in this case it is difficult to explain why the snake-men and reasonable insects were living in the dark, and did not fight for the right to live in the light half of the Earth.
Author: A. Koltypin

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