Strange fish caught near the collector

October 19, 2011 6:08

Strange fish caught near the collector

The media in full sensationally blow that caught piranha, but judging by the photos of the teeth is clearly not a piranha. Though certainly for our regions unusual fish. Caught fish from urban collector.

By weight pulls on the pounds. And she was there alone. The second, which was supposedly much harder, did not manage to catch, off the hook.

Strange fish caught near the collector

— This mutant lived in the reservoir, located in the Zavodsky district. How it got there — is unknown. The water there is ice and out of the tube always fall to pieces any meal. Apparently she ate them — says the head of interdistrict department rybohrany the Saratov region, Alexander Butov.
Next word Butova even post embarrassing. But people CHIEF fisheries. And do not even versed in the species of fish.

— This terrible creature, it eats meat. A flock of piranhas can man picked just a couple of minutes. And the bait she pecked apparently because the food is over the Volga.


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