Strengthening of the Chinese Navy submarine force will lead to heating of the NNS market in Southeast Asia

Strengthening of the Chinese Navy submarine force will lead to heating of the NNS market in Southeast Asia

The shipyard of "China Shipbuilding Industry Corp..» (CSIC) in Wuhan was held on September 9 launch non-nuclear Underwater a new boat project report "Janes Navy International," referring to the Chinese sources.

This is the third project NNS made in China since 1994. According to Western professionals, rapid build-up of China's submarine fleet will newcomer arms race in the sector of non-nuclear submarines in the region of Southeast Asia.

First fuzzy images Underwater boats new project for the first time appeared on September 10 the popular on Chinese web portal CALF. Then specialists have found their next Internet hoax, but after a day or two were placed more accurate picture, confirming the validity of the project.

NNS newcomer that does not exceed the size of 3000-4000-ton class submarine Type-041 "Yuan" is similar to the Russian projects, including a large body with the stern of similar submarines Project 667 "Lada", extended wheelhouse and body-mounted retractable rudders.

Properties submarines were not disclosed. There is speculation that the elongated cabin can be placed anti-ship cruise missiles, air defense systems or the new girl escape pod for the crew. In 2008, at the air show in Zhuhai, the Chinese company has shown CASIC latest scaled-down version of the C-705 anti-ship missiles, which, given its overall features can be located in the wheelhouse of the modern non-nuclear submarines. In addition, the underwater boat, likely to have a double hull of the new project, which provides overcharge vitality.

According to reports, on some Chinese conventional submarine class "Yuan" is already used air independent propulsion (AIP — air-independent propulsion). In addition, it is clear that China has developed projects of fuel components and systems exhaust gas recirculation, such as those used in the French airindependent powerplant type MESMA (Module d'Energie Sous-Marine Autonome). So Makarov, it is entirely possible that the new girl NNS can also be armed with the power plant AIP.

In the period from 1994 to 2006. China's navy in Russia have caught eight submarines of Project 636 and Project 877 EKM four. Apart from the purchase of Russian non-nuclear submarines, China has adopted a 13 NNS Russian design class Type-039 "Song" in 1994-2004. According to the estimates of professionals in the U.S. DoD, the Chinese Navy to build another 15 NNS Class "Yuan". Building 5 boats started in the middle of 2010. So the rapid growth of China's submarine fleet has already caused a backlash among states in the region of Southeast Asia.

In July, it was reported that Japan will revise the existing development plans with the Navy to increase the number of submarines from 16 to 20 units. According to experts, life extension of existing NNS as required will allow it to increase up to 25 units.

In addition to the 9 built by the German license NNS Tip-209/1200 Republic of Korea plans to build nine 2020 NNS Type-214 as part of KSS-2, then wants to adopt to 6 NNS as part of KSS-3. In late 2009, Vietnam signed a contract for the purchase of non-nuclear submarines in Russia 6 636 project, the delivery of which is expected in the period from 2013 to 2019. Australia, as part of programs from "C 1000" Navy must get 12 NNS a new project that will change 6 class submarines "Collins". In 2005, Singapore had acquired in Sweden, two NNS class "Archer." This year, the Malaysian Navy received the second NNS class "Skorpen." Purchase by the end of this decade several submarines plans to Indonesia. Thai Navy wants to buy two second-hand NNS on the secondary market. At issue is the implementation of the objectives of Taiwan in the United States for the purchase of up to eight new non-nuclear submarines. The problem is that South American shipbuilders have long not build submarines with ordinary power plant, and the European countries do not sell to Taiwan due to its NNS fear of complications in relations with China.

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