Subway in Troparevo. Mounting plate (PHOTOS)

The report's author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


"Tunnel-2001" has already mounted the head of the board. Yesterday lowered the rotor. On the process of lowering the I, unfortunately, too late, but was able to see something. :)

1. 500-ton Liebherr.

2. Collected head of the shield and still hanging on the crane rotor. After centering the secured on the hub and then "taken off the hook."

3. Today, Crane is leaving, and the rest of the complex carts will lower the 200-ton crane.

4. Skirt panel and brushes, which close the gap between the building and the lining of the breed.

5. The space between the rotor and the shield.

6. The rotor.

7. And it's parts.




11. Start of penetration is planned for late October.

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