Subway in Troparevo … The key is to start!

The report's author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


I am writing specifically to "Troparevo" because then there is not approved by the trace. Nevertheless, construction started — 49 years after the date of "Southwest" metrostroiteli again came to the area.

1. For the connection of the new site will be demolished part of the existing deadlocks. Now along the existing tunnel wall spudded in the soil and builders make strapping beam.

2. Tunnel-2001 begins assembling the shield tunneling for LPT.

3. Right — dismantled the emergency exit of the deadlocks.

4. Bed sheet and start ring.

5. The wall of the tunnel current.

6. Mounting the camera BSA. On the right is a pit for the construction of technical facilities which are versed in the reconstruction of deadlocks.

7. The separation. You do not Spin the, but the Russian Orthodox Church and then blather! They are, in fact, prevent build the subway. What they do not like that separation set close to the temple. That is not allowed to mount a parking lot construction crane installation. Of course, without the cost, but it turned out longer in time and much less convenient. Simply arise. :)

This brings to mind: "The project's. Knorre and Balinskiy striking bold assault on the fact that the city of Moscow dear to all Russian people for whom Moscow is the holy sites, the historical memories and ancient structures are deeply honored monument.

Inexplicable attitude to the shrines, in the implementation of the project, expressed in violation of the integrity of the Kazan Cathedral for the device underneath the tunnel and that the project is also not spared the churches of St. Nicholas Butcher Street, Sts. Florus and Laurus, St. John the Baptist in Malaya Lubyanka, the introduction of the Mother of God in the Lubyanka, St. Geogiya. that the Red Hill, St. Nicholas vGnezdnikah, Resurrection Bryusov Lane, Assumption in Gazetny Lane, St. Nicholas Moskvoretsky. All of these temples, the base of which dates back to the XVII and XVI centuries even., Subject to the project and Balinskiy Knorre alienation and Slomka.

Other churches such as the Church of the Three Hierarchs at the Gate, St. Nicholas in Ordynka, the Holy Spirit in Prechistenskie Gates and others, because of the proximity overpass, which in some places close to the temple at a distance of three yards — must decrease in its splendor. "


9. General view of the construction site.

10. TBM "Herrenknecht".

11. General view of the excavation chamber for left home tunnels.

12. The most recent ventilation kiosk Sokolniki line.

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