Successful missile launches are made to the Pacific Fleet

In difficult weather criteria in the areas of military training under the commander of the Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral Sergei Avakyants accomplished a joint missile firing surface ships and nuclear Underwater boats.

In the process of going out to sea atomic submarine "Tver" made launch on surface cruise missile target in the Sea of Okhotsk. In fact, right with it struck the main missile system, small missile ships "Rime" and "Flood".

The goal, which was at a distance of several 10 of kilometers, has been destroyed.

This fact was confirmed by naval aviation pilots who were in the area start-ups, apart from that the progress of the military exercise, the crew of the measuring complex "Marshal Krylov," to record telemetry disk imaging missile launches, which are all indicators were found to be successful.

Shortly earlier in the command-staff exercise of the strategic nuclear forces nuclear submarine cruiser "St. Jora Victorious" has made missile launch Siskin on range.

According to the views of the commander of submarine forces of the Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral Nicholas Evmenova, in the future, he was willing to subordinate produce The simultaneous launch of a 2-carrying submarines.

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