Successfully finished the first step of state tests missile frigate Dagestan

Successfully completed the first stage of state tests missile frigate "Dagestan"The Black Sea has successfully finished the first step of state tests missile patrol ship "Dagestan". He was able to fulfill all the tasks set by the command, including firing missiles with the introduction of the complex "Caliber-NK". As reported by sources in the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, it is possible that the ship was "Dagestan" in the summer of this year will go down in the Caspian flotilla.

Construction of "Dagestan" took place in accordance with the technology of "stealth", thanks to which his enemy radar detection becomes much more complicated. This ship — First Russian ship, filled complex "Caliber-NK" which start-up is able to produce several types of missiles highest precision and surface ships, and shore targets, the range of actions which are three miles.

Municipal test runs of the Caspian Flotilla Commander, Rear Admiral Sergei Alekminsky. During the test, perform a check of experts at running abilities ship, inspect the work of the power plant and other systems involved in carrying out of all the shooting weapons.

At the moment we are preparing to move the ship into the waters of the Caspian Sea, which will host the final phase of testing. This was stated by Colonel Igor Gorbul being Spokesperson SOUTH (Southern Military Area). He said that only after the completion of all tasks the ship will be included in the Navy.

Patrol ship "Dagestan" was launched on April last year. Initially, it was planned to pass the autumn of 2011. But tests later moved and became talk about the inclusion of the guard-ship Navy in 2012.

All these plans are almost violated an emergency that came with the "Dagestan" in January of this year. During a storm in the process of mooring trials conducted in the waters of the Black Sea from Novorossiysk ship was seriously damaged. But in a very rather short time ship has been renovated and is now the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation hopes that by July this year, he will be able to join the Caspian Flotilla.

"Dagestan" has designed Zelenodolskoye PKB (Tatarstan), building on the stocks it held Zelenodol plant named sourness. The main purpose of this ship is to combat surface ships, submarines and enemy aircraft, which is held in the framework of the tasks associated with the patrol and protection of state border, which is near sea zone.

"Dagestan" guard-created on the basis of "Tatarstan" which In 2003, he joined the Fleet, becoming the flagship of the Caspian Flotilla. But according to experts, to "Dagestan" better radio systems and weapons.

Length of ships of project 11661 — 102 meters and a displacement of 2.1 thousand tons. Thanks to the diesel-gas turbine power plant, the ship can develop your speed of 28 knots. Such vessels are complex and anti-air defense, special equipment capable of detecting and destroying torpedoes, and sonar systems of oppression. The ships can be located such type helicopters Ka-31 or Ka-28.

On Thursday, it was reported that on running tests released another Russian ship — frigate "Tarkash" Send now in the Baltic Sea. "Tarkash" — the second of the 3 ships of project 11356, which are being built for the Navy in Kaliningrad on India Shipyard "Yantar".

Preparing for the first frigate sail will be held in the Baltic and where there is the main naval base of the Baltic Fleet. It became clear from the press secretary of the company Sergei Mikhailov. He said that the factory tests are performed completely, and now need to test all of the frigate in the roads. To be transferred to the Indian Navy frigate in October.

Bookmark "Tarkash" was held in 2007. First frigate Project 11356 "Tag" which was also laid on the "Amber" in 2007, in April this year in a festive atmosphere handed over to the naval forces of India and in May he went to the place of its own constant dislocation. Third frigate "Trikand" is scheduled to be next year.

In the middle of Project 11356 ships abilities may be noted search and destruction of submarines enemy anti-aircraft, anti-ship and anti-submarine ship combat mission at sea, supporting military action infantry, amphibious assault and landing. On all 3 frigates have naval strike missiles with supersonic missile "BrahMos".

Recall that the agreement with India to build 3 ships was signed in 2007. The contract amount — about 1.6 billion dollars.

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