Take what you want. Just give her son!

The mother of the accused in the attack on April 11 described the property and conducted another search — in a country house, where they lived grandparents prisoner. He himself had not been in the village for more than 10 years.

The mother of one of the two accused in the bombing in the Minsk metro on April 11 said that his son is now on psychiatric examination. He was hospitalized for 21 days, and healthcare professionals need to draw conclusions about the state of his mental health. Mother most worried about physical health: chronic kid with asthma of allergic origin. That's why he had not traveled to the village where his grandfather and grandmother. But on June 14, investigators got there with a search warrant, the mother says:

"I went with a search warrant at my home. There's parents lived, who died 13 years ago. There's an old house. Looked at the house, in cupboards in Punko … I asked what exactly they are looking for. They said that a jack … . "

I asked what exactly they are looking for. They said that some jack.

What does this device to an explosion in the subway, the mother did not specify. On the eve of her property described in Vitebsk apartment — the police explained that the accused may be material claims for damages. The list of seized property mothers have left:

"I say it is not property. That was — clothes there — that was taken during the second search, and without any protocol. Our neighbors that were witnesses, also said that there is no reason that these are things parents … But seeing — we have a TV, a second TV, computer … I do not even read what they're described. I said only one thing: "Take! Take it! Just give me a baby! . "

The mother does not believe in involvement in her son to an explosion in the Minsk metro. Moreover, Both prisoners in the KGB detention center guys accused of organizing two bombings in Vitebsk in 2005, the explosion on July 4 2008 in Minsk, as well as in the 14 crimes committed between 2000 and 2011 DSK in the Vitebsk region, where they lived the alleged "terrorists".

Do not believe in it, and friends arrested. Sergei and Andrei grew up with the accused in the neighboring yards:

"14 crimes — just a delusion! This is my personal opinion, though they have been there for 10 volumes per panapisana … . "

"DSK — not such a big area that is not heard much about the 14 offenses. We thought-thought our fathers thought-thought, but no mention of the crime could not. Or said they found a notebook with the formulas in the dungeons … A grandmother came out and said, "You what? We bulbs there has never been, and you say — Laboratory … . "

After the detention of a member Sergey decided to contact reporters and wrote an email to the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". But on the phone he was ordered not to interfere with the investigation:

He said he was from the KGB and what not to say another word to anyone.

"The next day — the call. The room is not defined. He said he was from the KGB and what not to tell anyone ado … I would like to draw attention to this matter! To me, when summoned to the KGB for interrogation, also called an indefinite number. Now I have asked how I can describe the other. As soon as I started saying that-the good, the investigator deposits of sludge and stopped recording! . "

Vitaly, another friend of the defendant, does not see the motive for the crime, so doubt the validity of the detention:

"When I hate the police — will blow strong points. If you hate politicians — well, at least firecrackers near their home leave you. And for the destabilization of the society, and so is destabilized — this is nonsense! And anyway, I can not imagine that he knew how to mix acetone with something there in some proportions … It's necessary to have a degree! And he does not … And in a textbook on chemistry for the seventh grade had only written one line that TNT — this is the fourth derivative of the fenolu. That's it! . "

The other day it was announced that the deadline for the investigation of the explosion on April 11 extended indefinitely. Friends believe that the time needed to make people forget a little bit about the explosion in the stress of everyday life, and that investigators simply do not have enough evidence against the accused.


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