Talking about the system of economic liberalization while it is impossible.

TsigankovAlexander Lukashenko is not the first time suggests what you need listen to entrepreneurs, their suggestions to improve the legislation and the tax system. "Entrepreneurs need to give an alternative to the bureaucratic point of view," — said Lukashenko. How these applications can be implemented in practice? Why previous such claims were not brought into your life?

Balykin: To be honest, I think it's some words of despair. The economy is very bad, and Lukashenko is looking for a way out — catches everyone, including entrepreneurs.

But in fact, it's good. But who is to blame for the fact that this Parliament has been ineffective? Lukashenko himself, he appointed people there. There were many people uneducated, uninformed, accustomed to work only under the roof of the state, and that they can use only Rada in order to have the "O" on the officials, and to solve their problems. Therefore, it was ineffective body because there was no action of the people in the country generally a bit.

TsigankovOn the eve of the New Year Lukashenko signed a directive on liberalization. In the 5 months or made some steps in the country to implement it?

Talk about some of the economic liberalization of the system while it is impossible.

Balykin: Something done. Released rates, simplified accounting. But these steps are small, these local successes that sayss about some systemic economic liberalization while it is impossible.

Tsigankov: Lukashenko also said that the management of the enterprises and organizations to provide greater rights to manage processes in the workplace. What could be the real actions of the government in this regard?

Balykin: It depends on what the property is. If it is a private enterprise, the government there is nothing to do at all. When it comes to state-owned enterprises, the state must somehow control their property. And here we must watch what powers will be given to managers. When it comes to making decisions about providing products that reduce or eliminate production, then it is good. And if it will be the authority for the sale of the property, it will create the basis for corruption.

Actually, in my opinion, the government should now go out of the economy should be private capital, and private owner will quickly resolve such issues.



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