Teachings in Ryazan: Marines and equipment landed in the deepest snow

Teachings in Ryazan: Marines and equipment landed in the deep snowLarge-line troops and military equipment which dropped on Thursday under Ryazan of aircraft military transport aircraft (VTA) during the active phase of the command-staff exercise of the 106th Airborne Division, said a spokesman of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging on Airborne Colonel Alexander Cherednik.

"Only just ended a step landing of personnel and military equipment of aircraft landing area on the WTA under Ryazan. The landing by parachute, people and technology, despite the difficult weather conditions and great snow cover, went well, "- said Cherednyk" Interfax ".

He said that in the process of landing were dropped by parachute over 800 paratroopers and 12 units military equipment, 6 including the airborne combat vehicles and three self-propelled artillery "Nona".

Are participating in the exercise of more than 3,500 military personnel involved about 200 units of cars and armored vehicles, and about 20 aircraft military transport aircraft.

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