Telepathy — is the brain's ability to transmit images and thoughts, feelings, another object or the brain directly without using any modern means of communication.

The term telepathy was first applied in the late 19th century by Frederick Myers, who was one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research, which operated in England. On the territory of this society, experiments were conducted on the transfer of human intellectual activity in the distance. Myers experimented with Gurney, Barrett and Sidzhuikom.

Experiments associated with trying to prove the existence of such phenomena as telepathy, conducted in Europe, the U.S., in the territory of the Soviet Union. The reality of such a phenomenon as telepathy has not yet been proved. In the U.S., the current National Fund, the phenomenon in question refers to the pseudo-scientific nature of delusions. By the way, in order to learn how to cook a pizza does not have to be a mind reader! One needs only to look at the special material on the site

In parapsychology, telepathy is divided into adult (it's thought-transference) and unconscious (telepathy actually is). The term telepathy does not consider the phenomenon in the network itself. Accordingly, based on the circumstances that empirically demonstrated chance of transmission thought the distance jump was done by logical thought that telepathy a means of communication in the case where the level of consciousness is not such attempts.

It is a judgment after a while it became a bone of contention in the debate between spiritualists and those researchers paranormal phenomena character. They tried to make ordering phenomena of telepathy as a result of telepathic communication, which could be due to the action of supernatural forces. And, based on the fact that the phenomenon of telepathy with repeated attempts to study it is still not obyasnenenno, it becomes very real.

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