Teleportation ants atta

December 15, 2011 0:41

Teleportation ants atta

"… If a man could master the knowledge that the tiny ants possess millions of years, we would have a few years to reach the most distant stars! …"
Frankly, I myself have never been interested in insects. But recently I came across a book of Ivan Sanderson's "beast" and, having read the fifteenth chapter and the ants Atta, I realized that I have no strength to keep quiet about it. So, meet: Paranormal Atta ants from North America.

What kind of ants?

Ants who created this system, called attii — it mirmekologicheskoy tribe of insects of the family Formicidae, or ants. Among the best known form attii atta — like most of its related, this insect is the American tropics. However, the tribe is represented in the warmer parts of North America, several species, and one of them climbed even in New Jersey. These creatures live in the communities in the cities, which are located under the ground.

It is the only known form of life on Earth, which, like man, is engaged in agriculture, and they succeeded in that at least the person if not more. But Atta came up and something else that they are ahead of us utterly, this "something" is so incredible that almost defies our logic. In short, this is definitely the telecommunications system and, possibly, fully developed, functioning system of teleportation.

At the heart of civilization atta is agriculture. It lies in the cultivation of certain small fungi, which are planted in rassadnitsah of leaves and scraps of petals. The leaves and flowers are collected ants outside and brought into the city. These cities can reach 16 meters in diameter and 7 meters deep. City life, and, above all reproduction of the population, is associated with these agricultural activities.
Atta have to go up and collect the scraps of leaves. From the nest apart radial roads with underground passages, awnings protect from heavy rains, ring roads, and even solutions to the type of "maple leaf". On the roads of ants scurrying flows — let them go out and meet them down the crumbs laden pieces of leaves that resemble huge sails on miniature boats. Weighing thousands of these leaves, experts have concluded that their weight is at least twice the weight of an ant. At least, for those species that we studied.

Now, we select the most interesting.

Atta uterus — a giant female individuals who only eat and reproduce. While still small, they fly away from his hometown, mate, come down to the ground, dig in it and establish a new city. When the queen gave birth to a galaxy of worker ants, they begin to care for her, but in the meantime grows to monstrous size and increases the performance of its "pipeline" of eggs. To protect the uterus working ants construct a concrete cell, so strong, that it can only be destroyed with heavy scrap. Chamber surrounds the uterus, and only in the lower part there are a number of small holes for the input and output carriers of food channels for output of excreta and pass "midwives" who take care of the eggs and the egg chute. Often these cells reach the value of coconut, although they are slightly flattened and slightly elongated, and the thickness can be three inches. Approaches to these cameras in some cities as concrete.

If you get to the chamber in which the uterus, and carefully cut her side, you will see that the whole cell is a large insect, you can mark a thin stream of spray paint.
While the camera is left open or veiled piece of glass, nothing happens. In such cases, the uterus often dies or working ants translate it to another location. Sometimes it just continues to lay eggs, though, and painted. However, if you close the camera for a few minutes, something will happen. The uterus is gone.
This can be explained by — and before it and thought — that ants kill it and then remove the remains. But do not forget about the paint, which in some cases was applied in the form of a very intricate patterns.

Further excavations and research in the same town, sometimes lasting several hours, baffle all participants: a few dozen meters from the place of the disappearance of the uterus is even one heavy-duty concrete chamber, in which was the same womb with all the "identifying marks" — it is perfectly felt, eat and lay eggs! This is seen time and time again.

This instantaneous movement? And if not, how does it happen? Atta remove concrete chamber a foot long, dig a tunnel with a diameter of three to four inches and a length of a few yards, dig another cavity length of two feet, pushed into her womb and then construct a new concrete around the camera? It is impossible to imagine that the ants Atta short — no more than an hour, even a few hours (until the experimenters are searching a second camera), — time time to dig a tunnel length of several tens of meters, to build a new "concrete cell" and drag queen.

Riddle ants atta has not received a satisfactory explanation. There is not any acceptable evidence teleportation phenomenon and no one has yet proved that teleportation experiments can play — and this is the basis of scientific evidence of any phenomenon. However, in recent years become an undertone of teleportation and talk in the scientific world, especially in the environment of nuclear physicists, and then only in connection with the infinitely small particles of matter, which can be regarded as intangible and therefore not a barrier to suddenly move as microscopic scale.

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