The aliens do not dare

February 8, 2013 3:08

Risk of attack alien civilization on Earth is small.  Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Risk of attack alien civilization on Earth is small. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The risk of "pre-emptive" attack alien civilization on Earth is not large enough, since such an attack is associated with a fatal threat of retaliation, according to the author of article in the journal Acta Astronautica.

Janne Korhonen from Aalto University (Finland) said that in assessing the risk of conflict with extraterrestrial civilizations can take lessons from the "cold war" — RIA "Novosti". Korhonen in his work assesses the risk of pre-emptive first strike by the aliens make the land, which will be aimed at the complete destruction of humans as possible competitors.

The author believes that a truly interstellar civilizations have mastered more than one planetary system, the possible benefits of such an attack is unlikely to outweigh its risks. "Odnoplanetnye" a civilization, including a human, in the case of contact, likely to be in the position of the U.S. and USSR during the "cold war", when the threat of mutually assured destruction will hold both sides of the first blow.

"Even if the communication goes hard, rational decision makers will seek to avoid unprovoked attacks, because absolutely ensure their success is extremely difficult. In general, it seems likely that interstellar civilizations conflicts remain rare, "- says Korhonen.

However, the study warns that any project to interstellar missions and flights must be treated with caution, as the mere presence of humans in technology for such a trip can be seen as a threat. In addition, even a simple space probe, once in an alien system with intelligent life, it can cause damage and a cause for "revenge." Communication attempts with aliens, like the well-known project SETI, Korhonen considered relatively safe idea, though "very mistrustful of civilization can not ignore the risk that even harmless message — this tricks to get their opponents and preventive destruction."

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