The ancient Maya

Mayan civilization is one of the most interesting and unusual civilizations of the Western Hemisphere in the ancient world. Scientists are trying to unravel the many mysteries and secrets left behind by the Indians of Central America.

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One of the puzzles is that the Maya, despite its many successes in medicine, astronomy and agriculture have not been able to come up with the most common wheel! Even after hundreds of years, when the rest of the world with the success enjoyed by this invention, the Indians did not know of its existence. And in spite of this, large areas have mastered!

How does the Indians treated in the absence of wheeled vehicles? It is known that they did not use animals to transport goods. Based on this fact, we can assume that at their disposal was only brute physical strength of a man. Consequently, all that had to be transported Maya or dragged on the ground, or bore the brunt. Of course, the Indians had other means of transport and transport of goods — canoes. This boat is still widely used by many nations of the world.

One group of scientists believes that the transport of loads by itself could lead to such a flourishing Mayan civilization. Yes, and how multi-ton boulder could be moved to the construction site of an ancient temple? No formal experiments confirm that the lump could drag dragging, still exists.

Scientists suggest the possibility of owning the ancient Maya Indians teleportation technique. Despite the fact unconfirmed teleportation object, there is evidence of particle teleportation. Perhaps the puzzle of moving goods of the Mayan civilization, will not unravel many years.

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