The ancient theory of the cycles of time and according to Fulcanelli Andayskomu Cross

April 21, 2012 19:24

Like the ancient theory of the cycles of time, similar to the Hindu system of the South and the four alchemical phases fit the 2012 prophecy? Jay Ueydnera is the answer. According to the Hindu system of the South, we are in the Iron Age and the approach to the Golden Age. In the following essay explores Ueydner understanding of the ancient art of alchemy, which predict how 2012 will shape our lives on this planet. Based on the codes imprinted on the Great Andayskom Cross, 350-year-old alchemical monument, it reveals how the cycles of time and alchemy influence our destiny.

"Iron Age has no other printing, but death.
His character — a skeleton, which has features of Saturn:
empty hourglass, symbol of time to dry out. "
— Fulcanelli

At this writing, I was inspired nearly 19-year study of the Great Cross and works Andayskogo French alchemist Fulcanelli. Unknown, elusive Fulcanelli in his book Secrets of the Cathedrals first brought the world's attention to Andayskomu Cross.
While the details of this research can be found in any other I've written articles and two books, which I am a co-author, it can be argued that the images of the Great Cross Andayskom describe not only the end of the four ages of the Hindu South, but also the four alchemical chronological eras of time. According Andayskomu Cross, the Iron Age or Kali Yuga come to an end during the galactic alignment of the winter solstice December 21, 2012.
According to the mythology of the South, on our planet, there are four times the life and times. It is important to remember that in the Hindu system of South there are many cycles within cycles. Therefore, the years I continue to mention, may be associated with more cycles than the one that I describe in the essay. Perhaps the large number of years, which I refer to below are conversion cycle solar system around another star, or a part of the great cycle of one revolution of the solar system around the galactic center.
According to Fulcanelli, the first era — is the Satya Yuga or the Golden Age. Hindu texts say that it lasts 1,728,000 years. It is an era of extreme bliss when beings on this planet live much longer than it is now. In this century, there are no wars, hunger, rivalry or ill.
The second age is called the Treta Yuga or Silver Age. According to the second law of thermodynamics, or entropy, in this era of everything starts to slide, and the creatures on Earth begin to deteriorate. This slide, at least in the second era — is the beginning of decomposition, and the planetary sphere is evil. According to Vedic texts of India, this era lasts 1,296,000 years.
Third age of this cycle is called the South Dvarapa or Bronze Age. This is the beginning of "the fall" of humanity. In this era of more fully realized decomposition begins to spread evil, and everything starts to fall into disharmony. This era lasted 864,000 years.
The last age is called Kali Yuga or the Iron Age. In this era we find ourselves now. The driving forces are evil and decay as greed, war, famine and disease spread in the world like a tidal wave of death and destruction. According to Hindu texts, this era lasts 432,000 years.
It is important to understand that Hindu texts describe four times in the context of understanding that each successive age is shorter than the previous one. Satya Yuga or the Golden Age by a quarter longer than the Treta Yuga. Treta Yuga by two-thirds longer than the Dvapara South or Bronze Age. Understanding these differences will be important in the following discussion.

Precession of the Equinoxes
According to Fulcanelli and Andayskomu Cross, four alchemical era contain the four quadrants — four 25,920-year cycle, called the precession of the equinoxes. Essentially, the precession of the equinoxes can be explained by the fact that our earth is on its axis. Like a top, spinning on the floor and loses time to deploy variations of the Earth requires 26,000 years. According to Fulcanelli strange image of four "A" Andayskom Cross — a "character of the universe." He "is a traditional sign of heaven and earth, the spiritual and the temporal, the macrocosm and microcosm, with it associated main emblem of redemption (cross) and the world (circle)."
It seems Fulcanelli says that the precession of the equinoxes should be divided into four distinct era in 6,480 years each (25.920:4), which can be rounded up to about 6,500 years. This is interesting because the zodiacal cycle, which lasts 25,920 years, has four fixed signs: Aries, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. These four characters separated by 6.500-mi years. In the Book of Ezekiel and the Book of Revelation speaks of the angel with four faces. This angel face of a lion (Leo), a bull (Taurus), a man (an angel) and an eagle (in the old times Scorpio was represented as an eagle instead of a scorpion). According to Fulcanelli, both books contain warnings and messages of the four quadrants of the precession of the equinoxes. They tell us that when we get closer to each of these four characters, is a great change.

It is well known that we are now entering the Age of Aquarius. Andaysky Cross and Fulcanelli say that when we get into one of the four fixed signs on the earth are tremendous changes. And they can be cataclysmic.
Obviously, the 6,500-year-old dating of the four alchemical er odds with the Hindu system of the South, which insists on the fact that each of the South has a different time duration. That's when you try to iron out differences between the two periods, it is best revealed hyper aspect of time.
In modern physics, it is well known that the four-dimensional space, one aspect of which is the time it takes the form of a hypersphere. The shape resembles a hypersphere donut or a bagel. Physicists call hypersphere torus. Energy or the flow of energy in the hypersphere works like this: the tide goes out from the bottom of the sphere, rises around the outer surface of the sphere, crosses the equator outer torus sphere and moves up to the opening on the top of the torus. Then, the energy passes through the top hole and starts to rotate in a vortex. Spiraling energy flow continues as long as the leaves from the lower side of the torus, where again performs expansion outward. Flow is continuous and in a sense, is infinite.
Thor is also a four-hypersphere hypercube. According to physicists, hypercube — a cube within a cube. Essentially, this cube, and called "cube space" or "tetragrammonom" alchemists — a rectangular version toroidal hypersphere.

Scientists like to construct objects using straight lines. Therefore, to better understand the world around us hyperdimensional universe they have created a hypercube. But alchemists like to use curved lines of nature. Therefore torus or hypersphere — is a better, more natural visual description of hyperdimensional space. And to them I will be using in this essay.

Alchemists believed that around every living thing on Earth has a hyperspace "body." This hyperdimensional body or sphere known to mystics as the luminous energy body, and surrounds each planet or star. Every object in a three-dimensional world — is a manifestation of four-dimensional space. People, animals, plants, and stars are the solids inside four energy flow. As we shall see, the time is also moving in this way.

For understanding the topographical nature of time, it is important to understand the "guts" of the hyperdimensional sphere. By "guts" I mean vortices forming the flow of energy flowing through the center of the hypersphere. When the energy flow begins to flow into the vortex passes through the center of the sphere, it takes the form of a tetrahedron.

Tetrahedron — a building block of three-dimensional space and one of the five Platonic solids. The tetrahedron is the simplest object that can be created in three dimensions. As the only thing having four sides, a tetrahedron is formed in the form of a vortex.

Let's digress for a moment and discuss the vortices. In the Midwest, where I come from, there is a place called Tornado Alley, which extends to Great Plains from Texas to the Dakotas. Every year in this area there are numerous tornadoes, devastating local farms and towns. Tornado season usually begins in May and ends in early August. In his youth, watching a few tornadoes, I was mesmerized, and even became a "tornado hunter." During the early and reckless youth, I was after a tornado with 16 mm camera Boleks, to take them on film. So I am very familiar with these deadly eddies.

Understanding the tornado vortex and help to understand the density of forces in a hypersphere. Tornado (and hurricanes) are composed of the same air that surrounds us all the time. However, when the air begins to turn, he finds a strange hardness. Although the air, spinning on top of a tornado can be dangerous, the real danger is the air, spinning around the earth's surface. At the end of the tornado, where it comes in contact with the ground, the air takes on the quality of solid iron. The ends of the tornado can break the building, move up cars and trucks to drive a thousand miles and a straw like bullets into the center of trees. If the air is rotated further, the top of the tornado develops power 50 locomotive engines and has a density of the hardest metals. And yet, it is only out of the air molecules. Molecules rotate so fast that it creates an extremely powerful mass. That's rotation causes the air to become denser and to take the hardness of metals.

Let's go back to the central core of our hyperdimensional torus. Using the analogy with tornadoes, we can now understand the vortex inside the sphere, and deployment time. When the energy flow begins to sink into the upper tetrahedral vortex, it begins to rotate. While the flow of energy is lowered, its rotation is accelerated and compressed. Like a tornado, when it goes down even more, the end of the vortex "cures." You can say that it is the increase of forces swirling creates firmness of our three-dimensional space. Every person, plant, animal, and, of course, every planet and star are solid ends hyperspace vortex continuously flowing around us.

Like air hyperdimensional forces are invisible to us. And only then, when the forces are gathering in a rotating vortex, they can see and feel. That is due to the rapid rotation of the four-dimensional space created by the hardness of the third dimension. Know about all the great traditions of mysticism. They realized the internal dynamics of the fourth dimension in the interaction with the third dimension. Fourth dimension — is the surrounding area, and the third dimension consists of tetrahedral vortex in the central core of the sphere. The ancients called four-dimensional space, "spirit", and three-dimensional — "matter."

What does this have to the time and the topography of time? Remember the dilemma that we face is trying to link the four ages of the precession of the South with the epochs of the Hindu system? Trying to make one of the two, we can not only understand the topology of time, but also show him as did the ancients, and then realize where we are sailing in the river of time.

Considering the figure, imagine that we are passing through the center, where the two tetrahedral vortex tornado crossed within hyperdimensional sphere. When driving down the bottom vortex towards the outer surface of the sphere, each rotation of the vortex is longer, wider and slower than the previous one. In other words, the energy flow expands after passing through the "zero point" in the center of the hyperdimensional sphere or a torus, where it joins the ends of the two tetrahedral vortexes.

The flow of energy continues to increase, while rising up from the bottom of the sphere. He continues to grow as long as the outer reaches of the equator of the sphere. Once the energy flow crosses the equator, it begins to shrink, move faster, and the density of the rotation increases. This process continues until the energy flow reaches the top of the outside of the hyperdimensional sphere, where it begins to "fall" into the upper tetrahedral vortex tornado.

Now, while the flow of energy moves down the upper vortex towards the zero point in the center of the sphere, it begins to harden through all rotation speeds up. This process goes on and on for as long as the vortex does not acquire the hardness of iron. Here is how the hidden forces of four-dimensional space created our visible three-dimensional reality. While the vortex spins faster and faster, it gradually shrinks to the point where he has nowhere else to go but back out. This occurs at the null point in the center of the sphere, and the energy flow begins to expand again.

Golden Age — the period of time that begins at the zero point in the center of the sphere and continues through the bottom of the vortex. When the energy flow expands outward, it seems like time slows down. The whole process of Satya Yuga or the Golden Age continues until the flow of energy flows down to the bottom of the vortex and rotates around the outer surface of the sphere. He continues to grow as long, until it reaches the equator.

Equator foreign hyperdimensional sphere — is the boundary line between the Satya Yuga and Treta Yuga or the Golden Age and the Silver Age. Then the energy flow begins to shrink, while flows to the north pole of the hypersphere.

Silver Age, or the Treta Yuga lasts as long as the flow of energy rotates around the outside of the hyperdimensional sphere and starts to enter the upper tetrahedral vortex. This is the boundary line between the Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga, or the boundary between the Silver Age and the Bronze Age.

Approximately? the distance from the top of the vortex, where the flow of energy rotates so fast that acquires the hardness of iron, the third era begins — Kali Yuga or the Iron Age. The rotation continues with the aim of finding the density, compression and speed as the flow of energy rushes to the central zero point in the center of the sphere. While it is close to the zero point, the forces are incredibly fast-paced and tight. And only when they reach the maximum density and can no longer shrink force suddenly roll over and starts expanding flow. It happens instantly. It is a shift from the Iron Age or Kali Yuga, the Golden Age or the Satya Yuga. The boundary between the iron and the golden age — is the most explicit in this topographic boundary illustration hyperspace time. She is the most drastic and immediate.

Note hourglass two tetrahedral vortexes inside the hyperdimensional sphere. Is it because Fulcanelli tells us of the hourglass in the epigraph to this essay? In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva vytantsovyvaet world in and out of existence, playing Dhamar — Bilateral drum shaped like an hourglass.

Note that the number of years in the Hindu system of South coincides with the distance traveled in our ages in a hypersphere. Golden Age, which is the distance between the zero point in the center and the outer equator twice that distance for the Silver Age — the distance from the equator to the top of the upper vortex. Similarly,? the distance of the upper vortex, Bronze Age, — half the length of the Silver Age. Finally, the lower third of the upper vortex — half the length of the Bronze Age.

Iron Age — an era in which we live. That is why in the Iron Age, each succeeding second shorter than the previous one. That's why every day, every month and every year seems shorter than the previous days, months and years. In the topology of time, this effect can be easily understood and explained.

Remember, even though the distance traveled in the Golden Age more than covered in the Iron Age, the number of years of the same. To pass through the golden age of 6,480 years is required, the same 6,480 years are required to pass through the Iron Age, but the time in the two centuries there differently. In the Golden Age, every second, every day, every month and every year felt longer than the previous day, month and year. In the Golden Age is being expanded, and through increased anxiety and stress disappear Iron Age. It's paradise, especially for those who survive, passing through a wormhole — the zero point in the center of the hyperdimensional sphere.

Thus, the years that make up the system of the South, in fact, are symbolic of time, explains the course of time as it is felt, and not live. Therefore, the Golden Age or the Satya Yuga there longer than the Kali Yuga or the Iron Age.

Peruvian shamans say that we are approaching the Pacha Kuti, which literally means "the world turned upside down." They say that this will happen in 2012. Also, in 2012 — this is the end of the great Mayan calendar. Cross Andaysky quite frank in the image that we are approaching the end of the Iron Age. I would assume that the zero point or a wormhole in the center of the hypersphere — is 2012. It seems that our hypersphere regulated periodic alignment of the galactic center to the Sun. This is linked to the four fixed signs of the zodiac, and explains why the Christian tradition is preparing for the end of time.

Oddly enough, it appears that in his film masterpiece 2001A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick was trying to talk about the end of our time. At the end of the film, the child star gone through the Stargate black monolith and returned to Earth for the creation of a new world and a new era.

By understanding the four periods, the fixed signs of the zodiac and the South of us, finally, we can estimate the message that our ancestors left us. We're about to go through the Stargate, a wormhole or zero point hyperdimensional space.

Great Andaysky Cross reveals the most important knowledge of all — the end of time and the beginning of the Golden Age. Understanding this knowledge will help to more fully understand the nature of the times in which we find ourselves, and the lot of the human race.


At the heart of all the great spiritual traditions of the planet — from the ancient Egyptians to the Incas, the Mayans, the Indo-Tibetan alchemists of Europe and the Jewish Kabbalists — inherent knowledge of the secret alchemy of time. Not susceptible to excessive demands, stress and speed of the modern era, our ancestors spent their lives contemplating the essential mysteries of our world.

One of the great discoveries of secrets was that that time is not inert and is not linear but flows as the great transformative cycles. Essentially, only recently historians have argued that the time flows in a straight line. As part of a limited period of historical research, modern historians consider snapshots of history and believe that these snapshots represent the whole picture. But is it?

The alchemists of Egypt and Medieval Europe knew that time moves in a great long cycles and that each part of the cycle has the quality. This quality forms and reformsandruet. How different from the dawn of midnight, so every aspect of the Great Cycle has a quality that distinguishes it from other parts of the cycle. When the cycle time changes, changes and developments in the world.

Sacred scientists and alchemists of the past used different instruments and practices to commit changes as time. Astrology, divination and prophecy — is the most obvious processes that were used by our ancestors to understand the mysteries of time.

At the heart of their secret traditions, Egyptian and Greek mystery schools knew that the process, which they called the precession of the equinoxes, measures the great cycle or great year. They understood that the stars in the night sky are not fixed. With long-term observation and meditation to heaven, they came to realize that the stars and the constellations slowly change their position in the sky. Creating a system of sign to help with the huge dimensions of time, they used the 12th marks a giant clock. That is how they have begun to realize the great cycle. They realized that to pass through each sign of the zodiac requires 2,160 years, and for the passage of the twelve signs of the Zodiac equinoxes requires 26,000 years. Identification of the great year, lasting 26,000 years, give hours to measure time.

Then they came to realize that each character or position on the clock brings changes in quality of life on Earth, and they realized that every 2,160 years, the quality of life has changed. Also, they have begun to realize that the four quadrants of the great zodiacal hours make even more drastic changes in the quality of time. Four characters associated with these quadrants — is Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.

This seems to be the historical connection with the idea that going through the end of these four characters bring the greatest changes in the world. Around 6,500 years ago, the Earth passed through the sign of Taurus. Then the human race began domesticating cattle, building walled cities, agriculture, wars and the creation of city-states, and later developed in the government or the monarchy. Thirteen thousand years ago, when the Earth passes through the sign of Leo, too, there have been great changes, including abrupt climate shift, as the Ice Age came to an end. Around that time, there was the extinction of many animals, including the hairy mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, giant tree sloths and many other species. Interesting: according to anthropologists, Cro-Magnon man appeared about 26,000 years ago — the last time we passed through Aquarius.

Great Andaysky Cross — this 350-year-old alchemical monument to the end of time. It is located in the churchyard in Hendaye, France. It seems that the Great Andaysky Cross — a symbolic structure that explains the structure of the cycles of time. Cross describes the unusual change that is about to happen in the modern era. He speaks about the end of the Iron Age and the creation of the future Golden Age.

Great celestial cosmic clock ticks. We are now entering the quadrant of Aquarius. Message from the alchemical Andayskogo Cross indicates that this change will have an amazing impact on our species and our planet.

What are, or will change, we can only guess. But you can be sure they will be impressive and remarkable. On the horizon, the end of time, the end of this age and the great transformation of humanity. Changes in the quality of time will be to manage change and dictate them on this fragile planet. Changes in the quality of time can not be prevented. Fundamental renaissance happening around the world, reveals more about the quality of the time from which we come, than anything about the quality of the coming time.

Peruvian shamans living high in the Andes, down from the mountains to tell the story that is about a new kind of human being. They call it being "a luminous man." They say that the forerunners of Man glowing already among us. As 26,000 years ago, Cro-Magnon man appeared (when the last time we passed through the cusp of Aquarius), so now there is a new man.

The new man will have a completely new character, which do not have. Perhaps the great avatars — Jesus Christ, Krishna and many others — were early arrivals emerging new species.

Aquarius — the only one of the signs of the quadrants, which symbolically depicts a man carrying a jar of water. This symbolism is very interesting, because the DNA can be activated only in the water. It seems that even the symbolic nature of the sign of Aquarius has a change in the genetic makeup of the human race.

It is interesting to note that the duration of human life has a strange relationship with the hypersphere and the topology of time. To get the ball to the 1?, Precession of the equinoxes is required 72 years (360 x 72 = 25,920). It is interesting that in the Iron Age, the average human life span is 72 years, ie, 26.280 days, very close to the figure of the precession — 25,920. By the way, the ancients believed that a year of 360 days, whereas in '72 are exactly 25,920 days.

Human life can also be divided into four periods. If we divide the '72 into four periods of 18 years each, you can open the four eras of personal existence.

Each of the four 18-year periods, there are 6.510 days. Golden Age of man lasts from birth to 18 years of age. Silver Age — is the next period, from 18 to 36 years. Bronze Age is from 36 to 54 years, and iron — from 54 to 72 years.

Like the four great eras of alchemical account of time, these four periods also feel differently. To 18-year time hangs indefinitely. But when you 54 years or more, it seems that the days and years just fly. When we age, the body takes on the density, the bones crack, and starts arthritis. It is more difficult to lose weight, and we begin to "swim to shore." It seems that even our lives are controlled topology hyperdimensional space.

Our spiritual existence — a unique combination of free will and predestination. Although we have the ability to operate freely in the moment, not much we can do in the territory of the formeraboutlshih cycle time and the qualities that arise on the cusp of each of the four characters. Therefore, when the hand of the great cosmic clock enters the sign of Aquarius, we can expect tremendous change. Although the ancient art of alchemy, affecting many aspects of our existence, including the extraction of light from plants and minerals, the transformation of dark lead of our physical being into the pure gold of enlightenment, and much more, is the alchemy and symbolic ontology dedicated to observing the changes as the time for the 25,920-year-old great year.

The world is changing. The past is gone, and the story becomes a legend first, and then the myth. Our destiny is unknown. The only thing we know for sure — things will change.

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