The authorities have started talking about reducing the volume of social housing

Belarus needs to shift from administrative to market mechanisms of acquisition of housing. This opinion BelTA Chairman of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives on housing policy, construction, trade and privatization Galina Polyanskaya.

The deputy drew attention to the fact in Belarus housing "basically comes with support for the state." However, it is time to seriously analyze exactly who receives this support, whether it is provided only to those who actually needs help, and that is what stated in his message the President. "In the view of state support for housing construction is necessary to establish priorities and to comply adrasnasts. First of all, the state should help in the construction of housing (in including and financial) to those who really need it. Large families, the disabled and other disadvantaged category, "- said the MP.

According to her, in Belarus reached a fairly high rate of housing — about 23 square meters per person. "At the same time, about 60,000 families do not have any property in the property. Helping to them in the first place" — sure Galina Polyanskaya.

The MP supports the initiative to reduce the rate of housing construction in the capital. "We need to increase the volume of housing construction in the regions. For what? For the literate allocation of labor resources. To young people went out into the countryside, into the regions", — she said. Moreover, the deputy believes timely plan to reduce the standard of housing in Minsk, which will reduce the waiting list in need of better housing conditions and redirect people to use other mechanisms of acquisition of property, not only concessional lending. This refers to the system of housing construction savings, mortgages, systems of social and rental housing.

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