The battle on the zippers. Just a view — but beautiful!

November 13, 2012 21:33

Special effects that fill the modern filmmakers love movies, show us absolutely fantastic stuff. X-Men, shooting laser beams directly from the eyes, breath-taking stunts performed by Iron Man fights with lasers, and much, much more. Unfortunately, none of the people can not boast that he had ever watch something like live. And now, at a demonstration held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, held a duel, two participants who, dressed in special protective suits, fought, using their hands, beating of dazzling lightning electrical discharges produced by Tesla transformer.

The show is organized by a group calling itself the Lords of Lightning (Lords of Lightning). The group was organized by Carlos Van Kampen (Carlos Van Camp), an electrical engineer from New Zealand. To create such a spectacular show uses high-voltage Tesla transformer, which are attached to the platform, where there are two "enemy" involved in the battle. Electricity, voltage 25,000 volts generated by transformers, high-voltage capacitor is stored in batteries and discharged during the show at the enemy in the form of dazzling electric discharges.

From high voltage damage participants fight to protect special protective suits made of finely interwoven electrical conductors. And in the following video you can see this spectacular and enchanting match Lords of Lightning, conducted by electrical discharges.

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