The body of the deceased monk, not smoldering for several weeks

October 17, 2011 0:58

Thupten Rinpoche, a Tibetan monk in New Zealand, died in May, but his body remained for nearly three weeks, with no signs of rigor mortis and decomposition.

In Rinpoche was stomach cancer, he was found dead May 24 local doctor, who said that Rinpoche heart stopped beating, and he was no longer breathing. The body was kept in a dry place with a relatively low temperature, on a bed under a shroud, a Buddhist center Dargue (Dhargyey Buddhist Center).

According to the local Buddhist community, Rinpoche entered into a "death meditation" or tukdam. Rinpoche's body was cremated later.

"I do not think anyone has done it in New Zealand. Previously, this only happened once in our community when our founder died, "- said Peter Small, director of the Buddhist center, according to the Otago Daily Times (ODT).

"For Lama to achieve a" death in the meditation, "a very long time" — added Small.

TVNZ filmed Lama body 15 days after the death, the reporter saw John Hudson. Hudson said that the room temperature was 13 degrees Celsius, he felt no particular odor and noticed other signs of decay.

The local funeral director Michael Hope said TVNZ, that when someone dies, the decay of the body begins quickly, with clear signs.

"The dead can be some tension and swelling, also appears peculiar smell, — he said. — The features may be slightly different, the eyes may darken. "

Hope mentioned that sometimes seen corpses with little signs of decay or entirely without them, explaining that this could be due to a combination of certain factors.

Pathologist Dr John Rutherford said TVNZ, that the body may well remain at a relatively cool temperature environment with dry air, and when the little micro-organisms in the gut, which could spread to the body, causing rot.

Dr. Rutherford said that this may also occur due to long starvation or wasting disease, adding that after the death of rigor mortis takes about 12 hours and then fixed for about 12 hours, and then disappear in the next 12 hours.

"In this case there may be rational explanations do not necessarily consider it unusual, mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon."

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