The charm of witchcraft

November 7, 2011 18:17

There was no doubt — in a former life, Patricia was a witch

The fact that Harry Potter is a native of England, is not accidental. Mystical belief in witches, sorcerers and evil spirits have always been horror as strong in this country. And despite the fact that for a long time considered witchcraft classes there offense. However, any action, as we know, is a reaction, and witches in Foggy Albion regularly fruitful, despite the ban. One of the most striking — Patricia Crowther.

 Future representative of the mysterious craft was born in 1927 in Sheffield, Yorkshire. Parents doted in the little red-haired beast. It is easy to remember long poems and fun to recite them in public, worked with dance instructors and performed in children's balls and in performances. Little Pat Dawson predicted a bright acting future, but fate decreed otherwise. At one of the noisy family gatherings on the occasion of the birth of Patricia on her head hoisted a huge crescent. In this unusual attire baby head was like two peas similar to grandma Elizabeth Mechon. That life was called a fairy, first, because of an unusually short, and secondly, because of the name (fairy in English "mechon»), c then in the domestic circle girl was called a fairy. And later had the opportunity to remember and great-grandmother of Brittany — she was able to heal with herbs and laying on of hands, had the gift of clairvoyance, well read the cards. Neighbor Dawson hiromantka Melba, familiar with Brittany practiced eye at once determined that the girl had inherited prababkiny ability. Loving parents prefer to provide choice of life daughter, and that the time did not want to hear anything else but the stage. Patricia travel around the UK with performances and was a success and a loyal following.


In thirty years, Patricia was on the presentation of a hypnotist. Self-confident young woman did not have to persuade up on stage and take part in a session of hypnosis. The scene was her natural element, and mesmerize the audience accustomed to Pat and myself. Imagine her surprise when she quickly put into a trance and actress transpired in 1670. She saw herself an old woman in a dilapidated cottage, surrounded by a black cat, goat, frog and chicken. There was no doubt — in a former life, Patricia was a witch. The old woman, named Polly, chided Pat, say, its true calling — witch craft, but not acting. Granny woman confided several ancient spells, and Pat, a child has a phenomenal memory, once and for all to remember. By the end of the session Polly supplied protege instructions on how to use the plots and how to develop your gift.

Ordination to the witch

The next sign of destiny appeared in 1954. Playing in a theater in Birmingham, Dawson met a clairvoyant, and he predicted her to meet the water with her future husband named Arnold. After two years, touring around the Isle of Wight, Patricia met Arnold Crowther — stage magician, puppeteer and ventriloquist, who participated in the same way as it is she. Learning of interest to the whole Pat supernatural Crowther reduced it to his master, Gerald Gardner. It was a unique personality. In his pedigree were listed several witches than Gardner greatly proud. Grissel Gardner was burned on charges of witchcraft in 1610 in Newburgh. Gardner's grandfather married a woman who is also magic. Gerald himself spent many years in the Far East, Ceylon, Malaysia and Singapore, which was carried away by local religious beliefs. The result of his labors was a few novels about paganism and ancient cults. When she retired and returned to his homeland, Gardner spent the rest of life creating an occult group. Its members call themselves Wiccans and considered descendants of British witches and wizards. At the time of acquaintance with Dawson witchcraft in England were allowed, and Gardner openly sought a "young blood", which would be able to freshen up the ranks of his loyal supporters.

"The witch is looking for people to their community"

June 6, 1960 has come to pass: Patricia was devoted to witches. Significant event has occurred on the Isle of Man. Here Gardner had his house, and in the barn — a specially equipped "magic room," in which there was a ritual and initiation. From the outside it looked strange: a few naked women lined up in a row, and Patricia crawled between their legs. However, strange things in the circle of Gerald Gardner missing: detractors saw him flagellant. But Pat was delighted lord called her favorite student — Great Goddess and presented ritual implements and coral necklace.


November 8, 1960, Patricia Crowther married and took his surname. On the wedding the newly-minted witch blew all newspapers: the interest of the public to the new culture was enormous. The day before, a pair of wedding ceremony took place in close range of the Sorcerer. Directed it, of course, the indefatigable Gerald Gardner, himself, apparently, and coined another strange ritual. Several naked women formed a circle, the couple exchanged silver rings, on which were listed the names of their witchcraft. And then, right in front of all pair became copulate. The audience did not hesitate. Aging Gardner, he is no longer capable of the sexual exploits, assured the members of the community, that the contemplation of sex adds to the urgency and energy.


Chet witches settled in Sheffield, the home of our heroine. A October 14, 1961, Patricia was the high priestess of their county. Properly building its relations with the press, playing on the interest of the public to its non-standard employment, it has accomplished a great deal. One of the interview, Patricia was entitled as follows: "The witch is looking for people for their community" — and willing to join the secret knowledge shaft pushed. The first term was dedicated in December 1961. Went even more fun. Crowther produced a series of radio programs on the craft of witches called the "Charm of witchcraft," premiered January 6, 1971. Together with her husband, Patricia invented his own method to expel demons and ghosts that plague to nothing through music and poetry. Sense of humor, sharp tongue, innate artistry and lively mind did their job — the popularity of Patricia Crowther could compete unless Queen Elizabeth II …

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