The contradictions and conflicts

Everything that happens to you external conflict initially appear as contradictions within.

The contradictions and conflicts arise because of beliefs about what the world should look a certain way: that others should or should not do, how they should act, what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, and so on .

Conflicts with the conflicts not only in the collision of internal idle beliefs manifestations of the external world, but even in the collision of different internal beliefs together. This leads to destructive feelings about what went wrong, as it should be or anxiety just because one imagined visions of the future do not match the previously created view.

It is a mistake to look for the cause of controversy outside, because that in itself is a man of contradictions, which exist only in the conditioned mind, and are not in reality. But such contradictions do not exist as there are always relevant to current events: "What happened, and as it should be," "I want what I have," "I suffer from the fact that someone does not want to share my feelings" "I was feeling lonely tears," etc.

You are careful, you will notice that all of these internal contradictions and appear as relevant to current events or non-beliefs to each other. And in order to resolve the conflict, sometimes enough to change his attitude.

Beliefs that exist within man, forcing him to take a stand. Occupying the same position in some of their beliefs, no matter how loyal it is, it will sooner or later face the opposite position, and a conflict. And if people can not find agreement in itself, what kind of agreement then we can talk in the society? As the man himself — being inconsistent, the collisions between such conflicting "I" is inevitable, which is manifested in society in the form of strife, conflict, and sometimes even wars.

To peacefully exist, people always have to compromise, and that means to drive their differences back inside. But pounded inside unresolved conflicts are becoming a new internal problem that brings misery, disease, and new conflicts.

The best way to avoid conflict — is not to create it, do not in themselves create any positions. You must make a daily review of its outdated beliefs. Indeed, support for the conflict is the belief that is hopelessly out of date and is working against you, and in which one can find a contradiction to their convictions.

The laws of physics we know that we can only have an impact on what resists. And this support, to resist, is the non-working belief. Change your belief, through which the impact on you, and you will not be able to exert any pressure. Then you can see that what you thought of the conflict situation, it was only a manifestation of the contradictions of your non-working belief.

What do you think of the world around you — just the amount of your beliefs about it. If you do not like something in the world around you, it is only because of malfunctioning hopelessly outdated beliefs. Is revising their beliefs every day, and you can see how to change your world, it will be filled with love and light and all around will be more good and kind people.

Stanislav Milevich

Category: People, psychology, health

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