The courts on political prisoners: national solidarity

Trials over the square is a test not only for political prisoners and their families, but for society as a whole. On the manifestation of national solidarity, says our correspondent Valery Kalinowski, who for the last two weeks following the criminal trial of Andrei Sannikov, Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Fedor Mirzayanavym and Vladimir Eremenko.

Every day on the process for the area in a partisan district court of Minsk activists send 20-30 Youth Union — whether from the police school, or out of some vocational schools. They took the last three rows of the hall, where the trial Andrei Sannikov and four more exhibition space. It is organized to reduce the number of people who could come to court, and thereby to support political prisoners. Under the guise of activists in the Belarusian Republican Youth Union Hall every day slips and 4-6 IP.Board — fellow students and friends of one of the defendants Fedor Mirzayanava. They closely monitor the process and even lead through "Twitter" online report for the entire course.

Students are aware that they can suffer for their solidarity, although they say that teachers are on their side and that they only come when there are no classes. Says one of them, she:

"We are also afraid, we are also worried about myself. However, we are going through and for our friend who was there. We have just seen in the video, he did not do anything wrong, he just wanted to express my thoughts. And so we hope that our support will help him stay on the court. "

Friends Fyodor Mirzayanava support and his mother Lyudmila.

"I met with peers Theodore and learned them well, but when the house was knocked trouble. I've heard about them, but they appeared in my own. Once Fedor was in trouble, they immediately said, we know Fedor, he could not do anything criminal. They came to my house on a winter evening with a large bouquet of white flowers. Brought tea, sweets and I had had about 5 hours. "

Kanygin: The system is terrible for his cruelty and power, facing against the man, and capable of any innocent person put the latest culprit.

The mother of former political prisoner Andrei Kim Tatiana each time entering the courtroom where in the cell sitting Mirzayanav Fedor, Andrei Sannikov and others, welcome to the political prisoners, "Christ is risen!" She says she feels like a second time passes the way the mother of political prisoner — way of powerlessness when feelings of hope turned into disappointment:

"I have something they have no rascharovvayusya, but I realize they who believed until recently that we have the courts, until recently, believed that we have laws, they feel … And now that they have all the more open the eyes, so I feel sorry for them! "

Tatyana Kim captured by the way people are kept on ships, which are judged for size:

"I come to the court to support all of the accused, to be seen, people love them, remember, are proud of them. "

Living on the processes of prisoners and foreigners are always present: diplomats, human rights activists and journalists. Almost all the meetings in Andrei Sannikov, visited the Moscow correspondent of "Novaya Gazeta" Paul Kanygin. Journalists and newspapers are going to cover the court against his Minsk correspondent Irina Khalip other political prisoners. On his impression of the Belarusian Justice Mr Kanygin said:

"The play — this is somehow an understatement. Going on that it is hard to imagine. I want to get up and leave … It's kind of crazy. But then you sit on, usluhovvaessya, pagruzhaessya into it and get scared. System terrible for his cruelty and power, facing against the man, and capable of any innocent person put the latest culprit — as here, when defendants were innocent people. "


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