The dictatorship of the brain

October 10, 2011 17:02


The premiere of the first film cycle — real scientific detective "Genes are against us" — gathered at the screens of every fifth Russian audience. In November, Ph.D. Pavel Lobkov continuing research project, introducing a new film about the most mysterious parts of the body — the brain.

In appearance this pink jelly would never guess that it was he — hidden in the skull ball of cells — controls us and our actions. Even the great Aristotle believed that the brain — just a kind of air conditioner to cool the hot blood. However, by the beginning of the last century, it became clear: this is where we hide all of our thoughts, feelings and desires. Since then, the principle of brain scientists leave indifferent …

Pavel Lobkov continues to discover sensational facts, unknown outside the narrow circle of scientists. Spectators will see the first interview the father of psychosurgery Jose Delgado, who as a result of experiments almost managed to get a person to handle — the dream of any dictator. And also know as the infamous scientist Walter Freeman in search of schizophrenia deprived of reason, thousands of patients.

Author of the project visited the Institute of the brain — the "holy of holies" of scientific
community, the repository of brilliant minds of the XX century. In the USSR, the prominent human brain did not belong to him or his family, but helped a research canned brains reveal secret talents?

Pavel Lobkov, the author of the project: "It's like a fantastic library. Under the seven-digit cipher, as a Swiss bank account, on the windows — sections of the brain of Lenin, Mayakovsky, Landau and even Andrei Sakharov, the last "customer" in this sorrowful and strange place. Half the cuts are not painted: paraffin, they wait for a new generation of researchers. "

It is believed that the average person uses only 10-20% of the capacity of own brain. Is this true? And what is the secret of savants — people with strange and unusual powers, which in his own genius can not exist without help? Some of them produce in the mind of the most complex arithmetic calculations, endowed a phenomenal memory, an unusually gifted in music or art … One of the most famous savant today, the real "Rain Man" Kim Peek, agreed to the tomographic study of his brain. Is it possible, exploring the brain, to predict or even program the genius?

A full investigation is impossible without scientific experiment. It NTV Group — a modern scientific laboratory and the latest advances in brain research. Man Cyborg Ken Warwick connect your brain to the World Wide Web, and the brain Pavel Lobkov will be connected to a computer. NTV viewers see firsthand the signals that nerve cells send to each other, and learn how to use them to control the movement of objects. A unique opportunity for the first time to see what it looks like an idea!

Can I control the brain, or he himself — a perfect tool, managing each of us — no question will be left unanswered in a new scientific detective Paul Lobkov "dictatorship of the brain."

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