The Economic Court of Minsk — for the eviction of the BPF

The Economic Court of Minsk rejected the claim BPF and BPF public organization "Renaissance" to ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk. The plaintiffs sought a court to force utilities to conclude a tenancy agreement on the avenue Masherova 8. In turn, the Soviet ZHREO district asked the court to release the leased estate.

Judge Elena Melnikova held two hearings on the claim of social organization and the BPF. Lawyer Vladimir Labkovich argued that the public utilities refused to sign a lease agreement unfounded and stressed that the estate BNF — the center of political and national-cultural life of the capital. On He said, employees ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk Executive Committee, and made no secret of the fact that an order for eviction of the political organizations came from the presidential administration. The requirements of both plaintiffs oblige utilities to sign a lease judge has upheld zadavannennya. Said Vladimir Lobkowicz:

"The court did not grant our complaint, but other solutions and we did not expect. And we find no fault in this court, and the whole situation, which turned out to Belarus. It is the fault of today's authorities, who thus demonstrate their offensive not only to the democratic opposition, but also everything associated with the Belarusian language, history and culture. "

The Court did not grant our complaint, but other solutions and we did not expect.

Tenancy agreement, which the party took more than 20 years, ended March 31. Thus, the space was necessary to free the council on April 1. However, the party activists refuse do it and for the protection of the estate have organized all times. At the council are daily cultural events in support of the protection of the estate. For the preservation of the right to rent this room is favored over a hundred well-known in the country people — writers, politicians, and scientists. Political decision termination of the lease with the party BNF and the judgment call Deputy Chairman Gregory Kastusyou:

"It is clear that this decision is not legal, but political. I believe that it is associated with the decision of the BPF to participate in the presidential election campaign as an independent force. And also due to the fact that the office of the Belarusian Popular Front party after the election was organized by the action of solidarity with political prisoners, detained and beaten. therefore the authorities have taken such a decision. "

BNF leadership says it will appeal against the decision of the Minsk Economic Court in the higher courts.

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