The Englishman is a rare disease, he remembers every moment of his life

In Britain, the twenty-year student named Aurelin Heyman remembers every moment of his life for the last 10 years. A young man suffering from a disease called gipertemiziya who are diagnosed only 20 people in the world.

Phenomenal memory appeared at Hayman in 11 years.

"This is not what I found in just a single evening. But when I was 14, I realized that I can remember things that happened a few years ago", — quotes guy with reference to the foreign media.

The young man remembers not only the events, but that he was eating in the clothes was wearing and what music to listen to on any day in the past decade.

For example, when asked to selectively date October 1, 2006, he said that it was an overcast Sunday. On this day, he listened to the song of "The Killers" and inviting her on a date, but she refused. In addition, he was wearing a blue shirt, and a few days before its a power failure.

It is noted that Heyman — the only person in the UK with such a diagnosis.

According to experts, to store long-term memory in young men involved left frontal lobe of the brain responsible for language, and the occipital lobe, which stores visual memories. In the normal case, this "deals" only the right frontal lobe of the brain.

This unique memory Aurelinu not help in preparing for exams at the university, as it does not only forgets about himself.

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