The fact that Lucas offers, it is possible only after Egypt, Tunisia and Libya

Lucas reading

The other day on our site was published translation of the article "What the West is wrong about Belarus?" International Editor Economist Edward Lucas. This text is concerned spawned debate on our site.

We invited experts from around the world to take part in this debate and express their opinions about how an article by Mr. Lucas, as well as about the problem, which he formulates.

Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky, a member of the board of the Foundation "Center for International Relations" (Poland)

The text of Mr. Lucas is very interesting, although I would not agree with the fact that Edward Lucas offers something revolutionary in its approach to Belarus, or more precisely — the official Minsk. Lucas sum up the policy of the West in against Belarus over the past 20 years. It is true that the EU's approach was not adapted to the reality. The fact that the city offers Lucas — these are things that are only possible after Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Zamarozhanne accounts to the events in North Africa, it was hardly possible, because everyone was talking about banking secrecy and can not do so without a trial. Now reality has changed, it appears that this can be done without a trial, and it is not in doubt.

But the company, which says Mr. Lucas, whose accounts could be frozen in most developed on the basis of European legislation. And if there is a request from the injured States or individuals, then it may happen that there is no legitimate reason to arrest these accounts.

It seems to me, that the West does not understand Belarus. However, Article Lucas — an indication that the situation is changing.

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