The fiasco of the Russian Federation

Russian fiasco

New in 2011 for Russian military-industrial complex has become one of the more failures in the struggle for international trade markets tool. So, right after losing the tender for the supply of tanks to Thailand a month fortune turned against the Russian Federation and in a tender to supply 126 fighter jets to India MiG-35.

The tender was announced by India in 2007. Under the terms of the state winner received contract for delivery to the country 126 functional fighter. Also favorite would have to invest, namely 50% of the contract, in the military-industrial establishment and implementation on the ground in India. Under the contract the first 18 aircraft will be delivered in assembled from abroad, other 108 will be made public Aircraft Company India Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL). The tender four countries participated: Our homeland (MiG-35), Sweden (Gripen), U.S. (F-16 Fighting Falcon, F/A-18 Super Hornet), France (Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon). Planes been tested in databases located in different weather zones of India.

In 4 years Our homeland was sure that the MiG-35 will be out of competition and multi-billion dollar contract already in the pocket. This belief is reinforced by the reviews of professionals, who call fighter MiG-35 aircraft of the future. This plane should adequately confront even airplanes fifth generation.

Outside the MiG-35 recalls MiG-29 but it is only at first glance. For external similarity hides a completely new plane, which designed for the application of effective strikes against ground and sea targets, of air combat and for all that the aircraft remains invisible to enemy air defense systems. Earlier, the MiG-35 was known as the MiG-29OVT. OVT abbreviation means — thrust vectoring. Jet engine with that function allows the fighter to dramatically change the direction of flight. According to the views of the developers, this is a significant advantage in close combat. The aircraft can carry a different gun on 9 external hardpoints, as well as to make the role of the tanker. Of course in order to give the fighter besides these additional properties had a total weight increment of 30% compared with the base model — the MiG-29.

Russian fiasco

But all of the above — it is far not the main advantages of MiG-35. The main thing — the electric inside the plane, which is not present at the 1st of other modern fighter aircraft. In 1-x, it provides a real opportunity to lead the fighter to fight in similar criteria as the old days, and the NIGHT MODE and the meteorological criteria. In-2, significantly increases survival pilot in a dogfight at the expense of developed optical-electronic and electronic warning systems and countermeasures. B-3, radar "Zhuk-AE" with integrated active phased array antenna. It is designed by "Fazotron-NIIR" based on a commercial radar "Zhuk-ME". The station provides 30 high-precision tracking of air targets, synchronous attack to 6 ground and air targets at ranges of up to 130 km. Radar can operate in a mapping.

MiG-35 to be constructed and expanded defense complex, which will alert the pilot of the danger of attack. Means a pilot will have additional time to evade or use on-board means of fighting. For this aircraft to equip the station to identify incoming missiles Soar, which includes a module overview of the lower and upper hemisphere. Detection range missiles of "air-to-air" is 30 km., Anti-aircraft missiles — 50 km., Mobile anti-aircraft missile defense systems — 10 km.

Apart from the Russian Federation were also no inheritance and the United States, and Sweden. As the main contenders India elected French multi-role fighter of the last generation "4 + +» Dassault Rafale and functional fighter Eurofighter Typhoon.

Russian experts are at a loss to India's decision, but you have to remember that in the 90s specifically the fault of the Russian side of the Indian Air Force on the brink of disaster. The destruction of Russian defense industry forever left them without the necessary spare parts and service. Maybe that played a crucial role when the preference was given to the supplier State with a measured economy.

The only positive outcome of the tender will be losing what is now Russia's "defense" will be able to focus on an internal PO modern MiG-35 Russian Air Force. Our air force has long been in need of updating existing fleet of combat vehicles and now it's completely real possibility. A new contract? They will be taking into account the fact that MiG-35 — it's really plane future.

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