The financial hole in the Ministry of Defence

The closer the matter to the presidential inauguration, the more obscure facts pops up in management of resources by the Ministry of Defence. With all of this the public is actually split into two irreconcilable camps. Some say that this is some kind of political order that seeks to denigrate the work of the Ministry as well as its manager Anatoly Serdyukov personally. Others perceive the publication of this kind of facts not in another as an attempt to convey to the troops as well as to the higher management of the country that the Department of Defense has long been ripe for change, and the courts expect much work. Any such judgment is worthy of respect because subject to analysis point of view of the people does not make sense, but the subject of consideration of specific financial activities of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation for the near future is.

The financial hole in the Ministry of Defence

One of the recent scandals in which shimmers Defense Ministry, is the scandal of housing construction for servicemen in Moscow. Namely, of the Arbat "VSUM" built a 500-apartment building for officers and their families. In this new building should have been relocated to these soldiers, who were obliged to remain or no flats at all, or live in apartments that do not meet standards and requirements of the properties of living space. For the completion of the Ministry Defense had to pay to JSC "VSUM" debt of 287 million rubles. But redemption does not take place. In addition, the head of "VSUM" had opened a criminal investigation into the hostile takeover of the company, the owner of which he now is. Many experts are convinced that Ministry Defense just wants to get their hands on a tasty morsel in the form of a 500-apartment building at that cost, which is discussed in the agreement — total only 15,000 rubles per square meter. meter, and realize cost is three times greater for the more profit.

In this history floats on the surface of at least two issues. On the one hand, if you believe that the head of "VSUM", indeed, alien invader accessories, why Ministry Defense continued to work with the company, but not immediately announced that work with rogues is going? On the other hand, where did the debt by more than a quarter of a billion, which declared of "VSUM?" If the price of construction is stipulated in the documents immediately, the emergence of such an impressive amount of debt looks pretty amazing, even more so for terminating the construction phase. Why, then, defense officials are not called on the carpet management company when it became clear that the builders in the estimate does not fit …

In general, it came to litigation, public Ministry Defense full responsibility for the fact that the military can not possibly get a new house, lays down only of "VSUM," and the company's executives are convinced that the military establishment itself simply longs to cash in on rassredotachivanii housing for servicemen. Naturally, in such a situation it is difficult to take someone's position, but the fact that the reputation level of the Ministry of Defence of such news is sharply down — have to be aware of.
Not so long ago, another money scandal erupted around the sovereign ministries Serdyukov. Law enforcement agencies are interested in the situation in one of the units of the Far East. The budget allocated to the development of nuclear weapons Russian Federation, were missing about 190 million rubles. Shortage came to light after the work has been evaluated in the Chukchi of the military unit where the seismological station was built to monitor nuclear tests. It turned out that the work was made in the amount of 70 million, and from the state treasury on their allocated 260 million. It turns out that the "uncle" pocket money to run across is 2.7 times more than was spent on the construction of the station. Documents same soft-spoken they say that the object is put into operation and running at full capacity …

The investigation revealed that those involved in the theft of a large sum of money so are the director of "Gipar MSS-C" Sovereign Prokodanov also said the military unit commander Colonel Buchanan (this surname in Russia may soon become par), plus a representative of the management of the Head of Defense of the Russian Federation Colonel Shapovalov. It turned out that on account of OOO "Gipar MSS-C" "Fathers commanders" transferred the full amount of 260 million rubles, and the work was carried out only on the third.

Well, the fact that the embezzlers in Russia always had — to argue silly, but in this situation affects the position of the Ministry of Defence. In Moscow said they had, it turns out, has long been clear about the theft of money … In such a situation it is not superfluous to clarify why, then, any action against the thieves in uniform has been taken. Maybe on an old tradition, a good deal wanted to put a brake, or just the one or the other part of these 190 "unspent" millions returned to ministerial coffers, and even to personal bank card top officials. After all, it was surprising to believe that some ordinary colonel, deciding what to Moscow, far away, he stole from under the nose of the Ministry of Defence is so severe amount.

It's only a couple of episodes of monetary Defense Ministry, which became public in the near future. And then there is fraud with the website of the Ministry, with the elite residential neighborhoods "Marshal" in Moscow, with delays of wages servicemen corruption at the level of "superior-subordinate". Apparently, there are still underwater part of the iceberg that we are unlikely to succeed in general to behold.

And if so, is frankly disturbing for those 23 trillion rubles, which the government plans to gradually allocate the War Department for modernization of the Armed Forces until 2020. If there is no public control over the spending of budget funds designated will not, then our homeland at risk again behold the modernization of the army only on paper.

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