The Finnish military equipment of an old standard

The Finnish military equipment old modelOnce it so happened that the Russian equate to the number of northern states and is constantly associated with other countries, which lie approximately the same latitude. Often the comparison is in terms of operation of military equipment. And one of the states with which this kind of comparison is with a certain modicum of regularity is Finland.

Now, such a comparison is not so much the present state of things, how many stories over 70 years ago, namely as long as between Finland and the Russian Union was bloody war. Many military historians and special on military technology argue that at the time of the war, the Finnish army could not quite be called great curb. According to the participants of the war, waged war Finnish soldiers often is, and what is left for the front of the house. With military equipment as far away from the Finns were not going smoothly. Specifically for the front of the Finnish military equipment used auto "Sisu S-321", which were equipped with metal cabin, engine, Volvo, is also very low sides. Many experts believe that, in spite of all these clumsy military vehicles, their was one huge advantage — an outline of the tread, the derivative of which now use the Finnish tire manufacturers — for example, the tires Nordman.

Besides cars "Sisu S-321", which began to come off the production line in 1933, at the disposal of the Finnish troops were armored cars "Sisu SH». Motor power in this armored car was 80 horsepower, with all this, the total mass of "Sisu SH» was 3 tons. Armored vehicle equipped with solid rubber tires. In its own arsenal of machine guns had 2. Only here the armor of the vehicle does not withstand enormous mechanical stress and damage even from a direct hit them with a huge caliber machine gun. Such machines have been improved over time and have acquired additional armor, which led to an increase in their weight to 6.5 tons. These cars were used intensively by the Finns during the second world war.

It should be noted that the "Sisu SH» in Finland can be called long-lived fully. Right up to 1962, this armor was used in the Finnish police.

But do not think that the Finnish army far behind in the equipment of the Russian army. If we talk about the comparative figures, then, for example, before the war, the Finns were 11,000 rifles, soldiers from the Red Army — 13500, heavy machine guns — at a ratio of 116/162. Only mortars USSR surpassed Finland twice. But the Soviet-Finnish war, as you know, was not a cakewalk for the Russian fighter. Someone blames the Russian command, someone — Finnish drifts, while others do not tend to find those responsible and just says about the war, as a historical event, a page is turned majestically before Russian.

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