The flagship of the Navy Israel

The flagship of the Navy Israel

Israeli sailors always remain in the shadow of their own more fortunate colleagues from the Air Force and the Army. Tiny country smaller than the Metropolitan area, by definition, can not have a strong ocean-going fleet, and the main event, the Israeli navy has glorified the whole world — the sinking of the destroyer "Eilat" — not added to the prestige of this branch of the armed forces. Meanwhile, the specificity of the Arab-Israeli conflict is often sought support land operations from the sea. Israeli Navy, despite its small size and lack of large ships, took part in almost all sea battles, made control of the sea lanes throughout the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, took part in the assault and landing in marine sabotage.

Israeli sailors can not keep control of the situation in the South Atlantic or lead tracking of ships "potential enemy" in the Pacific, but, in contrast to the large fleets of maritime nations, Israel Navy — the current fleet, which is often involved in combat operations. Apart from the death of "Eilat" in the history of Israeli Navy has other remarkable action, for example — Egyptian Navy flagship settlement "Emir Farouk," blown combat swimmers on the roads in Tel Aviv. Either the Battle of Latakia (1973) — the first in the world of the sea battle of missile boats.

Riddle length of 45 years

Speaking of the Naval Forces of Israel, is worth a special mention the incident, which occurred off the coast of Israel during the Six-Day War. June 8, 1967 the U.S. Navy intelligence ship "Liberty" gently rocked on the waves 12 miles from the coast, free from the watch crew put sunscreen, sunbathing under the warm Mediterranean sun. Even I could not believe that at this time on the beach in the desert are brutal tank battles. But the South American sailors felt completely safe: after all, America and Israel are allies — what could be the problem?

Came the paranormal: on the "Liberty" at one point there were "Mirage" with a six-rayed star on the wings, and the South American intelligence ship fire came down from heaven. Planes shot superstructure "Liberty" of the 30 mm cannon, and then poured ship napalm. At the same time went on the attack Israeli Navy torpedo boats — a loud explosion almost threw up "Liberty" from the water. Having a hole in the underwater part, ship has to be filled up on the starboard side. Horror on this is not over — the Israelis came closer and became a focus of small guns to shoot people, darted around the burning deck "Liberty." Of the 290 crew members of South American spy, Israeli sailors and airmen killed and injured 205 people. An hour later … to the "Liberty" again approached the Israeli torpedo boats, this time prosemaforivshie: "Do you need help?" In response to the crippled ship shouted, "Go to hell!"

The flagship of the Navy Israel

The next day all the details of the incident were kept secret from both sides, Israel murmured an apology and secretly paid a compensation of 13 million dollars (in 1967 prices). Until now, it is not clear what it was. The official version is only suitable for a younger group of kindergarten — as you can see, the Israeli military have confused "Liberty", lavishly topped with Stars and Stripes symbols and a large parabolic antenna (displacement — 10 000 tonnes), the Egyptian transport for the transport of horses "Al-Quseir" (displacement — 2600 tons).

Incidents disaster stubbornly ignored, but the most possible is the "Golan version": knowing how the South American National Security Agency [2] ("Liberty" de facto owned by the NSA) Israeli General Staff feared that hidden detail-planned operation to seize the Golan Heights will be intercepted massive radio equipment "Liberty", and inevitably, through the Russian agents in the NSA, will be known to the Arabs in the same hour. The consequence will be a bloody mess of the upcoming Israeli parts. In addition, the radio was the flow of the other "non-print" orders, for example, about the shooting of one thousand prisoners Egyptian fighter in the town of El Atshsh at Sinai. The Israelis do not really lusted give international publicity to such facts and immediately started up "Liberty" in the flow. Seasoned diplomats later somehow agree …

"Eilat" class

But we are gathered here at all in order to remember the black part of the twentieth century. The fact is that in the battle of the Israeli Navy, not counting numerous boats and several diesel submarines, there is a very worthy of attention, in my opinion, marine resources. This type corvettes "Saar 5" — a series of 3 multipurpose ships full displacement of 1,250 tons. "Eilat" "Lahav" and "Hanit".
Corvettes were designed by Israeli spices specially taking into account the criterion of the Middle East conflict. Built between 1992 and 1995 by American shipyard Ingalls Shipbuilding.

The flagship of the Navy Israel

INS Eilat

Examining the experience of other naval powers, Israeli Navy ships have chosen for their own concept of the Soviet Navy. That is, up to a maximum saturate warships firing means to harm the cruising range. Impeccable tool for small sea raids.
In the end, came out really great corvettes acting as favorites in squadrons of missile boats and small artillery ships. Corvettes of the "Eilat" (in honor of the lead ship series), despite its small size (displacement 2 times less Russian corvette 20380 "Guarding"), significantly enhance the striking power of its own mini-fleet and are able to provide high quality cover for small ships and boats from air attacks. Then — in the list.

Main battery "Eilat" — 8 anti-ship missiles, "Harpoon". A familiar thing in the world frequent subsonic anti-ship missiles. Range — 120 … 150 km (obviously, in the absence of external target designation, range automatically becomes the radio horizon, ie 30 … 40 km). Warhead "Harpoon" — 225 kg, march speed — Mach 0.85.
"Harpoon", with the successful course of events, is able to stop even the largest target class "destroyer", but produce a missile at the cost of 1.5 million dollars in boats or other small targets is very wasteful. The Israelis have provided for such cases, a special means — anti-ship missile of its own production of "Gabriel", and the corvettes armed with its older version — "Gabriel-2" which does not have even an active homing. This significantly reduces the price of the rocket and its natural weaknesses: the need for constant inclusion of naval radars and low range — only 35 km away completely irrelevant in repelling attacks by arme
d terrorists boats.

From a technical point of view, "Gabriel" — a single-stage subsonic cruise missile, similar in size ASM "Harpoon". Starting weight — 600 kg. The flight speed to the goal — Mach 0.75. Polubroneboynaya warhead weighing 150 kg. It is suitable for shooting objects on shore.

The flagship of the Navy Israel

INS Lahav

Anti-aircraft weapons:
Israeli engineers are providing air defense most severely. On the corvettes of the "Eilat" set a new Israeli anti-missile system "Barack-1" (translated from the Hebrew "Lightning"). 64 cell vertical launchers, anti-aircraft missile complex affects all targets within 12 miles of the ship, the maximum height of the pickup — 5 km. Brand new radar EL/M-2248 motionless with antenna arrays capable of detecting any air hazards, including low-flying cruise missiles and smart bombs.
Despite the fact that the "Barack-1" is very precious pleasure, this highly popular anti-missile system in the world market, "Barak-1" has been adopted by the Indian Navy, Singapore, Venezuela, Azerbaijan and other countries. Along with India, Israel is developing the latest modification of the sea-air defense system of its own, capable of hitting targets at a distance of 70 km.
In addition, the bow mounted anti-aircraft corvette "Phalanx" — an automatic six-barrel gun, 20 mm, articulated on a single carriage with the aiming system and radar.

Mine-torpedo armament:
To counter the attack submarine corvettes of the "Eilat" armed with 2 standard torpedo tubes for launching anti-submarine torpedoes, Mark-32 standard for fleets of NATO.

Aircraft Armament:
On a small ship, there was a place for even the constant basing a helicopter, a helicopter pad and hangar for storage of equipment. To be based on the deck of the Israeli corvette elected multi-purpose helicopter Eurocopter Panther.

Radio-electronic equipment:
Taking into account the experience of the War of Judgement day or when thanks to the use of advanced electronic warfare systems, none of the 54 missiles P-15 "Termite", issued by the Navy ships with Syria and Egypt, not headed for goal, the Israeli sailors assigned a special value systems of electronic countermeasures. As a part of the ship weapons are available:
— three launchers to shoot dipoles Elbit Deseaver
— Director protivoradarnyh interference Rafael Wizard (wideband zapping anti-radar decoy) with passive corner reflectors
— Warning System radar exposure "Elisra NS-9003/9005»
— protivotorpednoy protection system AN/SLQ-25 Nixie, consisting of on-board signal generator and towed sonar producer interference.

The flagship of the Navy Israel

INS Hanit

Massive, but … July 14, 2006, during the Lebanon war, corvette Israeli navy "Hanit" came under rocket attack from the shore. No advanced anti-aircraft systems and jamming systems are not bailed out "Hanit" 700 pound antiship rocket Chinese-made YJ-82 [3] pierced the side of the ship, killing four Israeli sailors. At this time the Israeli navy relatively lucky: despite the detonation of 165 kg of a missile corvette remained afloat and got severe injuries. Six months later, "Hanit" has managed to return to the combat mission off the coast of Lebanon.

The premise of the incident was an ordinary human negligence — at the time of the missile attack tracking system corvettes were in working order. The crew did not wait for the enemy of a massive anti-ship missiles, and decided at that moment some of his difficulties. By the way, a quarter century before these events, the radar was disabled prerequisite death of English destroyer "Sheffield". History does not teach anyone.

General properties of the corvette type "Eilat":
LWL — 85.6 meters, width -11.88 meters, draft — 3 meters. The housing is made with the technology requirements "stealth". Standard displacement — 1000 tons. Total displacement — 1250 tons. Crew — 74 people.
The ship is driven by a combination unit consisting of 2-V12 diesel engines and gas turbines General Electric LM2500 for full stroke.
Full speed — 33 knots
Cruising range at an economic move — 3,500 nautical miles (the distance by sea from St. Petersburg to Murmansk).

Do not be surprised. as Israeli engineers succeeded in placing on the corvette is so small as not a few weapons systems and provide a seaworthy ship the highest property. Back in 1967, the Russian Union was created by the micro-rocket ship on the project with a memorable cipher 1234. In the body of MKP full displacement 730 tons (!) Succeeded in placing six launchers for launching anti-ship missiles languid P-120 "Malachite", double girder launcher SAM "Wasp" (20 missiles), a 76 mm cannon univesalnuyu and 30 mm anti-aircraft guns AK -630. Aircraft on board, of course, was not, but you glance at the year of the creation of the ship. At the time, the helicopter seemed overkill. Small missile ships, etc. were built in 1234 in the Soviet Union in batches and to this day remain in the ranks of many countries of the world. Specifically IRAs "Mirage" has caused a stir in the rocket battle in the Black Sea in August 2008.

As for the corvettes of the "Saar-5" ("Eilat"), then before the time, until a new project created by the warship with the "Aegis" Corvettes of this type are the flagship of the Israeli Navy.

1. The destroyer "Eilat" — the last British destroyer type «Z». Date Set — 1943, the total displacement — 1700 tons. Sunk in 1967 with 4 anti-ship missiles P-15 "Termite", launched from Egyptian missile boats. Date of death destroyer — October 21 — a day celebrated as the Navy Israel.
2. In the U.S. there are 25 intelligence services in various fields: FBI, CIA, NSA, Naval Intelligence ONI, etc., etc.
3. Anti-ship cruise missile, "Ying-jeou» YJ-82 produced in China, export designation C-802. The firing range — 120 km. (In some versions can be increased up to 500 km). The rate of RCC — 0.9 M. Warhead weight — 165 kg. Equipped with an active radar seeker. Thanks to its own low-cost rocket is very popular in developing countries.

The flagship of the Navy Israel

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