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Medical experts confirm that the incorrupt remains of the great Buddhist in many ways similar to the tissues of a living person

Vladimir Pokrovsky

Going before dying in a state of "samadhi", advanced Buddhist monks "clean" your body so that it does not lend itself to corruption.
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Russian scientists have confirmed the incorruptibility of the remains of all the main Buddhist lama Dashi-eastern Siberia Dorzho Itigelov, who died in 1927. The story is quite strange and skeptical person of trust is not calling. But here are the facts.

Hambo Lama Dasha-Dorzho Itigelov (1852-1927) died far from Ulan-Ude, where in 1947, was built by the famous Ivilginski temple. Dying, he bequeathed it to open the sarcophagus (Buchman), and see the state of his remains. He died, as befits a top tier yoga meditating in lotus position. Since then, the exhumation of the body took place three times — in 1955, 1973 and 2002. According to the monks Ivolginsky datsans, each time it turned out that the body of a great lama did not show any signs of decay, and in general was in such good condition, if a person has just died.

Last monks decided to no longer dispose of the shrine, and placed the body in a special sarcophagus sealed. Sarcophagus found in a special room and carried him out on display believers. No pictures or take video Itigelov body in any case not allowed — it is claimed in datsans contrary to Buddhist traditions. At the last showdown Buchman September 11, 2002 were not only the leaders of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, but also medical experts.

As told "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" MD Viktor Zvyagin, head of the Russian Center for identification forensic Health Ministry, the identity of the buried body 75 years ago has been confirmed by witnesses who participated in the previous exhumation. The phenomenon struck the scientists, and they asked for permission to take the study fragments of hair and nails Hambo Lama.

"In many ways, the body of Hambo Lama gives the impression of a living person — told the" NG "Viktor Zvyagin, the department which investigated the fragments. — This elasticity, mobility of joints, and so forth. For me it was a big surprise when we made the infrared spectroscopy of tissue samples and found that their structure is not much different from that of the same tissue from a living person. "

By itself, the phenomenon of "immortal," has been well-known. There are several reasons that allow the body preserved for thousands of years — the most well-known mummification, both artificial and natural. And the natural mummification occurs not only in the cemeteries of South America. Zvyagin remembers quite unique discovery that somehow went unnoticed by our media — in his words, during archaeological excavations at the Manege Square archaeologists discovered an ancient cemetery, where there were about two hundred (!) Well-preserved mummies.

In addition to the mummification are also common peat tanning and the so-called adipocere — a condition in which the tissues of the body are converted into a kind of soap. In such a state, for example, was found the body of Dr. Botkin, personal physician to the royal family. "Examine it, we did not dare — says Zvyagin — spent only tomographic examination to detect stuck in the body of the bullet."

But neither the one nor the other, nor the third time to time with the body of Hambo Lama did not go well. Buddhists believe that this is only possible with the most advanced yogis — entered before dying in a state of "samadhi", they are "clean" your body so that it is not susceptible to corruption. They also argue that, apart from the body Itigelov in the world are kept only three incorruptible relics of Buddhist saints — in China, India and Vietnam. More precisely, the now two — in 1959, a Tibetan monastery, which houses one of the incorruptible bodies, was vandalized, and the body was gone.

But perhaps the "immortality" or, to put it scientifically, in vivo condition, not an absolute privilege religious pillars.

"About fifteen years ago — says Zvyagin — during archaeological excavations on the Appian Way was found buried the body of a young girl being in his lifetime condition. The fate of this finding is unknown to me, but it is exactly what serious research on this subject was carried out. In fact, we first began to explore the "fourth state", and these studies are in the very beginning. "

So you understand, as you wish! The laws of logic detective read: Mark all the impossible, and what's left will be true. To know for sure where it is, it's impossible.


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