The GPS system can be used for notification of earthquakes

According to researchers, the union of two data sources can provide high accuracy data for alerts about earthquakes in seismic areas of the Western United States.The GPS system can be used for notification of earthquakes

At the annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America in San Diego, it was noted that the association of GPS data with data collected through an extensive network of seismometers will allow more accurate data for early warning of strong earthquakes.

Currently, seismometers are the only source of information used for these purposes. Seismometers in the immediate vicinity of the epicenter of the earthquake can determine its strength and send this data to remote locations in real time. However, in assessing the earthquake more than 7 points, the accuracy of seismographs falls.

System GPS, in turn, may be useful for an accurate assessment of soil changes by writing data to within a few centimeters.

For example, the earthquake in Japan in March 2011, within two minutes after the start of data were obtained on the magnitude of 8 points. In the case of combined seismic and GPS data would be more accurate information — in fact, the force of the earthquake was 9 points, ie it was 30 times more powerful.

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