The health status of critical political analyst Vitaly Silitski

Today, he was brought from Belgium to Belarus. From the airport, he was immediately taken to the reanimation on 1st clinical hospital of Minsk, because without oxygen mask to breathe, he can not cope, reports

He decided return to Belarus from Belgium, where he was a course of therapy, after health was rapidly deteriorating.

38-year-old Vitaly Silitski have long been struggling with severe illness.

With the help of the Office for a Democratic Belarus (Brussels) for some time he had been treated in a hospital in Brussels.

Vitaly Silitski — analyst. For a long time the head of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS). Recently, due to the deterioration of, it is not at all to my blog and Facebook.

Vitaly Silitski — participated in numerous analytical programs of "Radio Liberty".

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