The image on the lid of the sarcophagus in Palenque

December 24, 2012 19:18

Archaeological finds during excavations in the Maya forced to argue the researchers, paleontologists and ufologists, and experts in the field of aerospace.

In the mid 20th century in the ancient Mayan city — Palenque, excavated by archaeologists. Suddenly, the researchers stumbled upon the cache in one of the pyramids. As it turned out later, was hiding in a tomb discovered the sarcophagus of one of the ruler of the tribe. In the sarcophagus were found the remains. Puck was the name of the ruler, was mummified, so they are well preserved. Measurements were made of the age of the remains. The results showed that they were 1300 years.

All the data obtained in the expedition were published and began to argue, but the debate is not affected remains ruler, funeral sarcophagus lid. It was a picture … flying jet machine with the pilot inside.

Drawing on the cover really has a lot to do with the schematic device of the aircraft: the pilot is in a position in which the astronauts take off today, as this position is very best for the human body at the time of loading. For the pilot, which should be the engine of a jet of fire escapes. For the most suitable pilot some branches that are strongly reminiscent of the wires, hoses. Legs and arms are depicted as if they involved the management system, and pilot equipment is completely different clothes Maya.

Much easier to see the scheme of the aircraft in the photo with drawing.

Version of the aircraft, supported by some of the Japanese experts and Italian Pinotti, just Zaitsev Russian scientist has published a note: The illustration shows a definitely cosmonaut who pilots jet apparatus for individual flights, the device shown in cross section, and in the lower part of the jet is clearly visible reactive gases .

American aircraft laid a scheme with a sarcophagus in a computer simulation and converted into three-dimensional flat image, and received a three-dimensional model of the spacecraft with the motor and control unit.

Famous Swiss explorer and founder of the theory paleocontacts Erich von Daniken added:
In the middle of the figure shows a man sitting, leaning forward. On his head a helmet, which runs back wires or hoses. In the face of the device is located, resembling breathing apparatus.

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