The International Commission assessed the erection of the bobsleigh track

The International Commission for the Control of construction of the bobsleigh track made the first working visit to the site. It is composed of representatives of international and Russian federations in bobsled, skeleton and luge, ANO "Organizing Committee" Sochi 2014 "and" Olympstroy. "

At the beginning of inspection of the experts pointed to a test site for the location of the cut trench to explore its value, in particular, the density of concrete. The model tracks performed prior to construction of each track. It is a small piece of the bobsleigh track, reproduced in full size in accordance with the approved design solutions. Experimental section allows you to practice in the real world to develop technology building gutters.

Work on the cutting of the concrete of the square took about two hours, for which the Commission took the whole route from the bottom up, especially the construction of detailed study of each turn. After studying the section of the test trench area, the experts were satisfied with them. Markus Aschauer noted the excellent texture of the surface of the channel, asking the performer works, how it was possible to achieve such quality. In confirmation of his words, and as a sign of the quality of international experts on the left-painted carved square.

The experts advised the builders at work with a groove track to pay particular attention to the strengthening of thermal joints between the sections and prevent possible sagging tubes inside the gutter to prevent excessive accumulation of refrigerant. The Commission discussed and installation of equipment for a time and speed, as well as issues of operation.

PS And the snow is coming, coming, coming …

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